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HLWW FFA earns multiple awards at state convention
May 10, 2019

Amy Johnson

HOWARD LAKE, WAVERLY, WINSTED, MN – Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted’s (HLWW) FFA program continued its tradition of excellence this year, leaving a mark on the Minnesota FFA convention by bringing home multiple chapter, team, and individual awards.

More than cows, tractors and corn

Students who participated talked about what they have accomplished since joining FFA noting, “Many people think FFA is just cows, tractors, and corn, but it is so much more.”

They went on to explain that the program teaches leadership, public speaking, marketing, and many other skills that will help the students excel in college and their future careers.

The students had a great experience at this year’s convention. Team member Shelby Dolly commented, “I like convention because you get to meet so many people. You never know what adventure is there for you. You go to workshop with strangers you’ve never met, and by the end, you’re exchanging cell phone numbers.”

The HLWW team is well known and respected statewide. When they meet other teams at convention and say they’re with HLWW, people say, “ Oh, you’re Winnie’s kids!” Dolly reflected on what a great coach and mentor Weninger is, stating, “Winnie doesn’t just push you out of your comfort zone, he shoves you out there and closes the door ... Our chapter wouldn’t be the same without him.”

This year, the chapter sent a record 78 members to the state convention. In addition, 15 students received their state FFA degree, more than any previous year.

The chapter won several prestigious awards, bringing home first place for Agricultural Literacy and third place for Land of Service. They also received the fifth place National Service Award.

Weninger said, “Even though we performed well, I tell the students that success doesn’t have to mean first place.” Weninger wants his students to succeed in life.

First place team awards

• Best Informed Greenhand: Blake Krienke, Lindsay Nowak, Shelby Dolly, Amelia Lueck, and Alexis Tepley.

• Floriculture: Rebecca Uecker, Liz Ahrens, Neva Diers, and Marlene Gutierrez.

The Floriculture team also won several individual awards, with Liz Aherns taking second place and Becca Uecker taking third place.

• Agricultural Communications: Shelby Dolly , Rylie Klemz, Wyatt Glessing, and Courtnie Forcier

• Nursery/ Landscape: Cody Dickhausen, Brook Lorenson, Stephanie Nowak, Jacob Ross.

HLWW FFA awards from 2019 state convention

Agricultural Communications: 1st place

Courtnie Forcier- 2nd

Rylie Klemz- 5th

Wyatt Glessing- 6th

Shelby Dolly- 7th

Best Informed Greenhand:

Team 1: 1st place

Shelby Dolly- 1st

Lindsay Nowak- 2nd

Blake Krienke- 3rd

Alexis Tepley-5th

Amelia Lueck-12th

Team 2: 4th place

Lily Bobrowske- 7th

Emma Matheson- 8th

Tyler Otto- 32nd

Carolyn Remer- 51st

Conduct of Chapter Meetings: Silver

Lily Bobrowske

Blake Krienke

Lindsay Nowak

Carolyn Remer

Shelby Dolly

Emma Matheson

Arianna Paul

Creed Speaking:

Shane Koeppe- Bronze

Dairy Evaluation: 23rd

Bailly Mucciacciaro- 44th

Malorie Thorson- 69th

Trevor Diers- 124th

Wyatt Glessing- 138th

Dairy Handlers:

Teagan Swart- 14th

Employment Skills:

Elizabeth Ahrens- Silver

Farm Bureau Discussion Meet:

Steph Nowak- Silver

Farm Business Management: 21st

Bethany Groos- 38th

Logan Krone- 74th

Alexis Meuleners- 93rd

Elizabeth Meuleners- 97th

Fish and Wildlife: 6th

Connor Hertzog- 15th

Hunter Gille- 16th

Quinn Mathisen- 38th

Clayton Kadlec- 50th

Floriculture: 1st

Elizabeth Ahrens- 2nd

Rebecca Uecker- 3rd

Marlene Gutierrez- 4th

Neva Diers- 11th

Food Science and Technology: 3rd place

Brook Lorenson- 5th

Nicole Baumann- 9th

Amelia Lueck- 11th

Kiaira Sherod- 24th

Forestry: 23rd

Colton Diers- 53rd

Alex Marketon- 93rd

Aiden Barlau- 99th

Jacob Uecker- 128th

Livestock Evaluation: 49th

Mikayla Thorson- 115th

Jacob Gallus- 148th

Missy Kirby- 202nd

Nicole Baumann- 203rd

Market Plan: 2nd

Karissa Kulinski

Elizabeth Meuleners

Alexis Meuleners

Meats Evaluation: 21st

JT Karels- 47th

Josh Marketon- 94th

Gabe Hausladen- 97th

Brett Poppler- 118th

Milk Quality: 23rd

Rebecca Lorenson- 70th

Katie Moen- 79th

Matheus Hammarstrom- 93rd

Maddy Severson- 97th

Nursery/Landscape: 1st

Steph Nowak- 2nd

Cody Dickhausen- 3rd

Jacob Ross- 5th

Brook Lorenson- 8th

Parliamentary Procedure: 5th

Aiden Decker

Neva Diers

Bethany Groos

Parker Helmbrecht

Madison Hertzog

Rebecca Uecker

Poultry: 39th

Katelyn Waataja- 94th

Calista Decker- 137th

Audri Bakeberg- 156th

Prepared Public Speaking:

Bailly Mucciacciaro- Silver

Small Animals: 20th

Mickenzie Huggett- 31st

Emma Kallio- 94th

Alexis Tepley- 110th

Grace Morress- 159th

Soils: 4th

Macenzie Ramola- 10th

Destiny Skiles- 21st

Lili Schurmann- 26th

Hailey Walker- 29th

State Choir:

Isaac Busse

Calista Decker

Hunter Decker

Ellie Deiter

Courtnie Forcier

Matheus Hammarstrom

Ariana Higgins

Melanie Jetson

Macenzie Ramola

Alexis Tepley

State Band:

Shane Koeppe

Kiaira Sherod

State Degrees:

Elizabeth Ahrens

Kaleb Bakeberg

Nicole Baumann

Trevor Diers

Jacob Gallus

Mickenzie Huggett

Missy Kirby

TJ Kittock

Karissa Kulinski

Brook Lorenson

Alexis Meuleners

Elizabeth Meuleners

Bailly Mucciacciaro

Caleb Radtke

Rebecca Uecker

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