Happy and healthy feet

June 17, 2022
by Gina Gafford

I want to start with the foundation - the feet. To help me out on this topic, I interviewed Tania Kruger, the owner of Tania’s Wellness Corner in Winsted.

First off, I am passionate about feet. As a medical massage therapist, I have seen a lot of feet.

Our feet are the farthest away from the heart, so they do not get as much circulation. Since there is less circulation, the feet can be the first body part to show signs of dysfunction in the body.

The main problems that I see are plantar fasciitis and foot problems from diabetes.

 Massage therapy helps decrease muscle tension, decrease edema, and increase the range of motion of the feet and ankles.

If you have diabetes, you should see a podiatrist each month. The podiatrist will monitor your skin and nails.

Also, put lotion on your feet and lower legs every night. However, do not soak your feet or put lotion between your toes. The lotion will help moisturize the feet and prevent cuts and cracks.

If you have plantar fasciitis, wear pain relief insoles in your tennis shoes.

You can also roll a golf ball on the bottom of your foot to massage your foot. See a podiatrist if you still have foot pain.

If you are not walking normally, pain and joint problems can move to your ankle, knee, and hip area.

Tania Kruger also sees foot problems in her practice. Kruger has worked in natural health for over twenty years.

 She completed her Naturopathic Doctor Program in 2006 and received a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling in 2017. She also has extensive training in many modalities.

Kruger said most people come in with a diagnosis from a physician or a podiatrist - like a lymphedema (a swelling of the feet), toenail fungus, or plantar fasciitis.

“Lymphedema is very painful for them to walk, and you know, naturally, if it’s painful to walk, you don’t want to walk, and so then weight gain becomes an issue, and it trickles down,” Kruger said. “I do not diagnose these - they come in with the diagnosis.”

Kruger can help clients who have an allergic reaction to a prescription and are looking for a natural alternative. Kruger provides diet and nutrition counseling, aromatherapy, Reflexology, ionic footbaths, and Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy.

“I do look at diet and nutrition because like with a foot fungus, a lot of times, it’s a lot of sugar in your diet, and you may not realize how much you’re getting in, because maybe you’re a big fruit eater, but there are still sugars that come through food,” Kruger said.

Kruger said a lot that goes into her mind when working with people individually. She tends to be careful about what things can interact with other things in their diet.

“I really do focus on the little steps,” Kruger said. “Maybe a few appointments will be closer together until you start feeling better.”

According to Kruger’s website (taniaswellnesscorner.com), the Ionic Footbath Therapy balances the pH in the body, naturally detoxifies unwanted toxins, and neutralizes and eliminates harmful free radicals.

“It’s kind of like magnet theory,” Kruger said. “You put your feet in the water, and the array starts to charge the water - so it starts matching negative ions.”

Kruger continues to say that about halfway through the footbath, the charge switches, and it starts drawing the ions out through the feet. The footbath can also stimulate the lymphatic system.

“The footbath has helped people with skin conditions by helping the body gently detox without taking a whole bunch of supplements or doing a whole bunch of protein drinks,” Kruger said.

Most of Kruger’s clients come to get Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy. According to Kruger’s website, Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy is an instrument that emits various light and sound vibrational energy frequencies to enhance the lymphatic system’s ability to detoxify and improve overall circulation in the lymphatic system. Kruger said Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy and massage therapy work well together.

Kruger said people complain of swollen feet, but if they have a sitting job where they sit for eight hours, they’re putting constant pressure on their lymph nodes, so there’s no lymphatic flow. People need to move and exercise to get lymph to flow. Our hands and feet suffer because they are the furthest points away from the vital lymphatic system.

“When there’s a hurt when there’s something there,” Kruger said. “It’s really important to catch it early.”

Kruger continued to say, if your feet are hurting and you’re not moving or doing your normal activities, go in and talk to your doctor. If you wait until later, you’re looking at the possibility of medication and surgery.

“If something hurts, it’s your body’s way of saying something’s not right,” Kruger said. “So acknowledge it, and do something about it when it’s a little problem instead of waiting until it’s a massive problem.”

For more information about Tania Kruger’s services, please visit taniaswellnesscorner.com.

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