What if the cancer that has tainted politics were to infect sports?

August 12, 2022
by Ivan Raconteur

There are some similarities between politics and sports. Both involve individuals and groups of people who are in competition with one another. But, of course, there is no such thing as sportsmanship in politics. Ethics, civility, and honesty seem to be disappearing from politics at an alarming rate. What if the same thing happened in sports?

Imagine a Sunday afternoon gridiron contest between two traditional rivals. Both teams played hard, but one team emerged victorious by a significant margin. Next, imagine the following hypothetical exchange between the losing coach and a reporter during the post-game interview:

REPORTER – “It’s always a tough battle between these two teams. How do you feel your team played?”

COACH – “The guys gave 110 percent. I’m proud of them.”

REPORTER – “What can you take away from this difficult loss?”

COACH – “We didn’t lose.”

REPORTER – “Um, the score was 31-23. You lost.”

COACH – “The game was stolen from us.”

REPORTER – “But the other team scored more points.”

COACH – “Some of those were fake points, and I know for a fact that not all of our points were counted. Also, the officials did not call penalties against their team.”

REPORTER – “There were more than 60,000 fans in the stands who witnessed the game and many more at home.”

COACH – “Corrupt officials control the scoreboards in this league.”

REPORTER – “That doesn’t make sense. Even if there were a problem with the equipment, they are the same scoreboards used when your team wins.”

COACH – “Sometimes they get it right.”

REPORTER – “So you’re saying that when your team wins, the score is fair and accurate, but when you lose, it is not?”

COACH – “There is fraud, and corrupt officials control the outcomes.”

REPORTER – “Countless witnesses are watching every play. And the officials on the field are overseen by people off the field.”

COACH – “The games are rigged.”

REPORTER – “Every game is analyzed and reviewed.”

COACH – “That’s fake news.”

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