Herald Journal Classifieds
Ad Checklists and Sample Ads
Checklist for writing your ad
Sample Ad
Garage Sales • Address & directions
• Dates – include days of week and calendar days
• Time
• Description of sale and items for for sale
You're allowed 60 words – include plenty of description of your items which will give more people a reason to come to your sale WINSTED - 1000 15th St., two miles south of Winsted. Thurs., 3-7 p.m., Fri., 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sat., 8 a.m. - noon. Dishes, bedding, baby swing, quilt frame, Christmas items, refrigerator, stove, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, luggage, bags, purse, junior/miss, men’s clothing, lots of peg board, patio furniture, and numerous items too many to mention.
"Sure Sell" ad • Item
• Description
• Asking price
• Phone number or contact info
40 words allowed – use them to describe details. Include a price – you'll get more serious calls when buyers have a better idea what to expect. SWINGSET COMBO - Weatherd, arbor style with treated lumber. 2 swings, 1 and 2 person glider with extra dolphin swing with fence seperating walk way of fort on top. 6 1/2’ wide, 21’ long, and 4x4 posts. $150. Call (320) 555-0000.
"Personal" event ad • Event name/description
• Date and time
• Location
• Any other pertinent information
Typical examples are open houses for graduation, retirement, anniversary, etc.; wedding reception, bridal shower. BIRTHDAY - (NAME)
Please join us to celebrate (name)’s 100th birthday Sunday, Sept. 1 from 1 to 5 p.m. at (City-name) City Hall. No gifts please.
"Personal" card of thanks 100 words allowed to thank anyone you wish; often used after death of a loved one, hospitalization, benefit event, etc. THANK YOU
We deeply appreciate all of the kind expressions of sympathy in our time of sorrow. Thank you to everyone who sent cards and flowers, gave memorials, brought food, or attended the wake and funeral of (name). We are also thankful for the special care given by the workers at (place), (name) for his visits and comforting words. Thanks to (name) Funeral Home and (name) for their assistance with the arrangements, and the (organization) workers for taking care of lunch. – Sincerely, name and family.
"Personal" in memoriam
In loving memory of (Name) (Name)
Jan. 1, 1900 - Dec. 31, 2000
(text, verse, message, etc.)
Please note: we will help organize your ad into the standard format for good readability, spelling, etc. for you to get the best results!