Farm Horizons, September 1997

New store offers specialty products and the basics


Elk pellets, deer pellets, and ostrich grower are some of the specialty feeds handled by the new Country Store on the east side of Howard Lake.

Wade Seffering is the store manager, and he said it is a really exciting time for him.

"We carry Carhart clothing, which is something you couldn't get in town before," he said.

A full line of Munson and Land 'O Lakes Feeds is something you would expect here, said Seffering, but we carry so much more.

"When we opened the first part of June, we were hoping people would come in and see all the pet feeds, bird feeds, and related products we have to offer, " he said.

A grand opening celebration in July did just that. "I hope to make the Ittel's hot dogs and the event an annual thing," said Seffering.

He has a lot of ideas, and some of them will take some time to become reality, he said.

In the future, he hopes to do some educational seminars about bird feeders and lawn care, but those things take a lot of time to organize.

On a more timely note, although it is only September, Seffering said he is working on his Christmas promotions.

In the spring, it is possible the store may carry some bedding plants, since it carries all the lawn and gardening supplies needed to make the work easier.

The store carries equine feeds and supplies, fencing materials and a host of other items.

Seffering came to the Country Store with the formation of Munson Lakes Nutrition from 17 years at C & H Ag.

His wife, Sharon, teaches fourth grade for the McLeod West School District, and he has two children, Jacob, 10, and Rebecca, 6.

He said the most difficult thing about his job was the transition from daily direct delivery to planning for the product promotions several months down the line for a retail store front.

Now that he is settling into that routine, he said he can spend some time planning some educational seminars that people can enjoy.

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