Farm Horizons, May 1998

Crow River Lamb and Wool Producers Association

The Crow River Lamb and Wool Producers Association is a regional non-profit incorporated sheep producers group serving the counties of, but not exclusive to, Carver, McLeod, Sibley, Meeker, Kandiyohi, Wright, Hennepin, and surrounding areas.

Public education services are rendered for sheep producers and anyone in the general public interested in the sheep industry.

Information is dispersed at community events and club meetings. Sheep industry information is distributed through the following means: literature, demonstrations, professional speakers, movies videos, slides, etc.

The education material deals with sheep management and disease, lamb as a tasteful and nutritious red meat, wool as a fashionable clothing fiber, wool as an art/crafts form and other various subjects.

The association is involved with:

Community participation - 4-H awards, agricultural events and show, county fair shows and promotional booths, parade entries with Queen/Ambassador representation, availability of associate memberships and Make it with Wool contest.

Club group activities - annual spring banquet held at various Crow River area locations, fall family picnic, club promotional events, and youth awards are given.

This club is one of several sheep associations within Minnesota, and it maintains membership in the Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers Association. In addition, there is a national American Sheep Industry Association which serves as a source in providing the club with promotional materials.

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