Farm Horizons, February 1998

Favorite farm memories

During the '60s, we had the Rockite Silo crew out to the farm to build a silo.

In those days the workers usually ate their noon meal at the farm house. I cooked up my tasty roast pork and it was a hit.

One hungry young worker really piled the slices of pork on his plate. To his surprise, my father-in-law began taking the meat off the worker's plate and put it on his own. He thought it was the meat serving plate.

You should have seen the young man's eyes as he followed his meat across the table.

- Name withheld by request

Dear Readers,

We invite you to submit some of your favorite farm memories for future issues of Farm Horizons. They can be humorous or serious, and names can be withheld if desired. Send them to Farm Horizons, PO Box 129, Winsted, MN 55395, or e-mail to:

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