Farm Horizons, February 2000

Wynnemer family receives SWCD conservation award

The Wright Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) of Buffalo awarded Bob and Gloria Wynnemer of Howard Lake the "Environmental Act of Kindness" award, Dec. 14, 1999.

This was the third year the award has been presented to proactive landowners who practice conservation on their own, said Brad Wozney, conservation technician.

The Wynnemers received a laser-imprinted wooden plaque to commend their efforts. They have established a native prairie stand on their Lake Mary property.

A native prairie consists of grasses and wildflowers that were found in the area prior to European settlement.

The beauty of the plants is obvious, however, a native prairie serves numerous other functions.

Native prairie filters nutrients and sediments from runoff prior to reaching water bodies and provides excellent nesting and winter cover for pheasants, deer, turkey, and other wildlife.

Best of all, once these areas are established, they are virtually maintenance free, (no watering, no mowing, no fertilizing, etc.).

The Wynnemers left these areas unmowed because nature nurtures them better.

So if you have a lawn that is too large or an idle field, consider plant-ing native prairie grasses to enhance your property and increase wildlife habitat. The first two to three years of establishment will require some maintenance, but the Wright SWCD can provide information on maintenance techniques, seed mixes, and native prairie seed dealers.

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