Farm Horizons, September 2000

Wright County Century Farms

Following is a list of all Wright County Century Farms. The year in parenthesis is the year of original ownership by a member of that family.


Ralph Eugene Aldrich, Buffalo; Bernard A. and Irene Barthel, Saint Michael; Judy Bauman, Delano; Fred Berglin, Cokato; Norman and Lila Carlen, Cokato; Donald and Carolyn Dangers, Howard Lake; Andrew L. and Marion Davis, Elk River; Gary and Dwayne Diers, Waverly; George B. Earley, Watertown; Helen and Rosalie Elsenpeter, Maple Lake; Leonard and Lillian Galvin, Waverly; Genevieve Neaton Herron, Watertown; Clara and Morris Howard, Maple Lake; H. Vernon Ilstrup, Buffalo; Ernest and Adelyne Lankki, Cokato; Arvid and Bert Luhman, Luhman Corporation, Howard Lake.

Reinhart and Maryann Marx, Saint Michael; Roland and Linnea Mills, Buffalo; Laurence G. Nelson, Cokato; Mike Niesen Estate, Richfield; Gordon and Luella Norberg, Cokato; Kenneth and Susie Schultz, Monticello; Shepperd Family, Howard Lake; Abbie E. Sutton, Delano; Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Swartzer, Montrose; Ansil and Grace Thompson, Buffalo; Orville L. and Helen Titrud, Rapidan; Donald and Lois Ward, Buffalo; Jerome and Lucille Weldele, Buffalo; Joseph and Marlene Zachmann, St. Michael.


Glen and Hattie Arnold, Monticello (1866); Milton Barberg, Cokato (1866); Melvin Erickson, Delano (1873); Lauren Horsch, Delano (1858); Jane Huncha, Delano (1874); Darrell and Ellen Kelly, Annandale (1877); Kenneth Schmidt, Buffalo (1857).


Greg Bakeberg, Waverly (1873); Henry Herbst, Howard Lake (1872); Dorothy Larson, Waverly (1875); Emil Morris, Cokato (1877); Reuben Ordorff, Buffalo (1868); Wallace Peterson, Waverly (1875); Edward and Barbara Polingo, Montrose (1873); Clyde Rumpza, Delano (1875).


Willis Birkholz, Howard Lake (1878); Paul C. Carlson, Cokato (1878); Otto Gruenhagen, Howard Lake (1877); Byron C. Gustafson, Buffalo (1877); Russell A. and Betty J. Johnson (1865); Renee Janicula O'Connell, Delano (1874).


Harlan Richard Anderson, Cokato (1871); Kenneth C. and Anita C. Dixon, Buffalo (1880); Paul and Merlaine Samuelson, Cokato (1875); Melvin L. Schmidt, Annandale (1880).


Clarence Doering, Waverly (1869); Hannah Hultgren, Cokato (1880).


Otto E. and Dorothy M. Bethke, Buffalo (1881); Clarence L. Bodin and Fern N. Bodin, Waverly (1877); Clarence and Mary Ann Eull, Saint Michael (1877); Lawrence Gagnon, Waverly (1863); Dennis L. Goodin, Elk River (1882); John L. and Eva C. Holmes, Montrose (1881); Donald D. and Marie P. Kliche, Howard Lake (1882); Arnold M. and Florence E. Peterson, Cokato (1880).


Thomas R. Corbin, Elk River (1870); Kenneth and Barbara Fehn, Saint Michael (1878).


Wallace and Jeanette Barthel, Saint Michael (1861); Arthur J. and Ema L. Elfmann, Maple Lake (1883); Ralph and Shirley Gallus, Montrose (1884); Philip V. Nelles, Rogers (1866); Vincent and Delphine Schleif, Buffalo (1883); Marilyn Welter, Saint Michael (1880).


Paul F. Berg, Howard Lake (1882); Maynard and Linda Carlson, Buffalo (1867); Albert Clemmens Fiecke, Winsted (1885); Walter and Veronica Holmberg, Maple Lake (1881).


Stanley R. and Geneva Diers, Howard Lake (1880); Simon G. Dykhuizen, Maple Lake (1886); Wayne and Winton Lahn, Rogers (1886); Mrs. Willard Diers, Howard Lake (1872); Delmar C. Posio, Cokato (1883).


Merle J. and Goldie A. Carter, Maple Lake (1845); Glenn Melvin Diers, Howard Lake (1872); Dennis M. Reek, Howard Lake (1881).


Peter and Joan Marx, Saint Michael (1857); Kenneth Rudolph and Sadie Rudolph, South Haven (1888).


Harvey and Corrinne Behrenbrinker, Buffalo (1880); Edward and Ann Roehlke, Waverly (1875); Donald Schmidt, Buffalo (1883).


Richard and Betty Liefert, Buffalo (1888); Wylis and Gracie Muehring, South Haven (1885); Jay and Marie Rasset, Montrose (1868); Neil and Kathleen Seiffert, Annandale (1883).


Val and Ann Czech, Delano (1881); Albert and Arlene Nowak, Buffalo (1891); Stanley Rustad, Cokato (1876).


John Gerber Family, Howard Lake (1864); Bert Hertzog, Winsted (1874); Jacob W. and Alice E. Hoikka, Annandale (1892); Leon G. Luffey, Delano (1881); Charles H. and Betty A. Melquist, Cokato (1890); Calvin and Shirley Nordberg, South Haven (1885); Roger E. Payne, Buffalo (1887); Alan Raitor and Mary Alice Bates, Sauk Centre (1892).


Betty Martinson Nordling, Cokato (1886); Payson and Eleanor Partridge, South Haven (1883); Donald and Angie Thiemann, Howard Lake (1891).


Rodney Carlson - Silver Ridge Farm, Annandale (1891); Dennis and Laurie Larson, Cokato (1879); Wallace L. Melquist, Cokato (1893); Roger L. Tonsberg - The John Scott Farm, Howard Lake (1879); Floris "Bud" and Gloria Vandergon, Maple Lake (1874); Floyd Weese, Buffalo (1892).


John and Diane Bruns, Maple Lake (1879); Norman and Mary Dahlgren, Maple Lake (1890); Florian and Harriet Goranowski, Cokato (1886); Bernard and Rose, Francis and Jody Hackenmueller, St. Michael (1886); James and Teresa McGrath, Montrose (1869); Dennis Westphal, Buffalo (1891).


Mark D. and Jodene M. (Erickson) Johnson, Annandale (1896).


Duane and Nancy Burkstrand, Cokato (1884); David Floyd Hoover, Howard Lake (1859); Harvey L. Peterson, Cokato (1896).


Ed and Erva Hance, Buffalo (1897); Elaine Melin Norin, Monticello (1898); Gaylord and Marge Pavlik, Buffalo (1898); Robert and Mary Wurm, Maple Lake (1892).


Harold and Judy Bruska, Buffalo (1887); Dennis Edwin Klammer, Howard Lake (1899); Willard A. and Dorothy M. Kreitlow, Howard Lake (1899); John B. and Danice L. Motzko, Watertown (1873); Guy and Marlene Petersen, Buffalo (1861); Raymond R. and Doris K. Raisanenz, Annandale (1893).

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