Farm Horizons, February 2001

Local man on ballot for Dairy Promotion Council election

During February, Minnesota dairy farmers will have the opportunity to decide who their representatives will be on the Minnesota Dairy Promotion Council (MDPC).

Members of the MDPC automatically serve on the Midwest Dairy Association and its Minnesota division.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), which conducts the election, sent out ballots to Minnesota dairy farmers on Feb. 1. Ballots must be returned to the MDA with a postmark no later than Thursday, Feb. 15.

Only one vote is allowed per dairy farm or partnership (not per milk check). If you are an eligible voter but do not receive a ballot, please call (651) 297-5794.

The MDPC consists of 22 dairy farmers, two from each of Minnesota's 11 regions.

Each year, one candidate from each region is elected to a two-year term. To be nominated, a candidate must be an active dairy producer who lives in the region for which nominated.

The Midwest Dairy Association decides on behalf of dairy producers how checkoff dollars should be invested. lt also funds promotion programs and nutrition education programs.

Region 7

Jeff Fasching of Winsted is a candidate in Region 7.

He farms 400 acres and has 130 cows in his herd, milking 65.

Fasching currently is serving on the Midwest Dairy Association board.

He has also served on the McLeod County ADA board for nine years, six years as chairman.

"I would like to see that we continue to do the best we can in promoting dairy products. I will strive to make sure the money dairy farmers invest in advertising and promotion is being used to get the most out of every dollar spent. We need to continue to educate the consumer on the value of dairy products in our diet. Thank you for your support," he said.

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