Farm Horizons, Feb. 2002

Diers takes over hauling business

By Lynda Jensen

Self reliance and independence are two things that persuaded Jake Diers, 26, of Howard Lake to buy his own livestock hauling business.

Diers took over Diers Trucking about six months ago from Kermit Diers (no relation), who relocated to South Dakota.

The move took a lot of thinking, but in the end, he decided it was the life for him.

"It was the perfect fit," Diers said. He owns a Dodge one-ton dually and 30-foot trailer, which he had to buy for his business.

His business is located at his home, three miles south of Howard Lake.

Diers spends his days hauling cattle or sheep to livestock yards, serving farmers in the southern part of Wright County.

He hauls everything from a farmer with three sheep to someone with a lot of cattle, he said.

Most of the time, he takes them to the South St. Paul Stockyards, although he's been known to drive farther, he said.

In fact, as part of the deal for the change in ownership, Diers had to haul Kermit Diers' cattle to Nisland, So. Dak., which is located on the western border, he said.

He ran over a hunk of metal and blew a tire in the middle of nowhere near Milbank, S.D. . . . although luck would have it, he was about five miles from a tire dealer, he said.

Business is steady, he said. He serves nearly 160 farmers spread out from Monticello to south of Winsted.

His largest client is the Howard Lake Shipping Association, he said.

Diers attended college for animal science at River Falls, Wis.

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