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September 2003 issue

A feminine touch to hauling cattle

A matter of life and death . . .

Hitting every county fair in the state

Dairy cows don't deliver (1993)

Dairy cows still don't deliver

What are the top five Minnesota weather events of this century?

Drought: spreading the pain around

May 2003 issue

The story of an old barn

A renaissance of two-cylinders

Return of the 'state bird,' ­ and West Nile Virus

'Companion' animal feed is helping farmers to turn profit at Munson's

Metro Dairy sold, to be renamed

Upland Farm: A horse lovers' paradise

Local drivers are using more biodiesel fuel

How was your township named?

Farm life before milking machines

Antiques, or useful weed control tool?

February 2003 issue

Ehrkes find the 'perfect' barn for their farm

Local man co-coordinates state dairy steer show

Low prices prompt more dairy herd sales

Strange brew of weather keeps farmers guessing

Creamery gets new life

Recalling sweet corn season in the 1940s

A scientific look at issues involving livestock

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