Farm Horizons, May 2003

How was your township named?

Which area township was named after a city in the country of Norway?

Many of our local townships have unique names behind them. Some were named after notable settlers who lived in the township. Some were named after a certain tree or plant, and others the true meaning of the name is not exactly known.

The staff of Farm Horizons is looking for your help. We are interested in finding out the origins behind all of the names of the local townships that we cover.

Some that we do know are:

Hollywood: named by earlier settlers for a plant located there they thought was holly. It turned out that the plant wasn't holly.

The answer to the township named after a Norway country is Bergen, located south of Lester Prairie.

Here is the part where your help is needed. We are interested in learning how the following townships were named by Wednesday, Aug. 6 for the next issue of Farm Horizons.

Please submit all information on township names in writing to: Farm Horizons, PO Box 129, Winsted, MN 55395, or via e-mail at

We are interested in all townships in Carver, McLeod, Meeker, Sibley and Wright Counties.

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