Farm Horizons, May 2005

Got farm signs? Show off

By Aaron Schultz
Staff Writer

Tired of describing your farm as the third one on the left beyond the bridge, but before the curve?

Looking for a way to spruce up your driveway entry, and let everyone know whose farm this is?

Well, then a farm sign out front might just be the answer for you.

Farm signs can really make a difference when you’re worried about the appearance of your farmstead.

Perfect for horse farms, hobby farms, or traditional farms, farm signs let everybody know whose place it is.

Signs usually range from 20x28 inches to 4x8 feet and any where in between, but not limited to.

In fact, the sky is the limit when it comes to farm signs, literally.

For example, say you have had a nice aerial picture of your farm taken, that can be used on a sign.

The content of your sign can vary from just lettering, to a family portrait, to graphics, to just about anything you can think of.

The smaller signs are made of aluminum, while larger signs usually come in a white wood material, which is a weather resistant half-inch plywood.

The sign is coated with a PVC coating, and the edges are covered with plastic trim, which gives the sign very good weather resistant, and makes it very long lasting.

The cost for signs range from $400 to $500 for the 4x8 feet signs, to $150 to $200 for the 20x28 inch signs.

Most of the signs, especially the larger ones are mounted on posts, which tend to be green treated cedar posts, and can also have a vinyl sleeve cover, which gives the post a clean, white look.

For installation an extra charge is usually included, but most farm signs get installed by the farm owners themselves.

“We don’t install too many farm signs,” said Herald Journal Sign and Graphics manager Troy Feltmann. “Farmers are pretty handy, and can do the installation themselves, saving them some money.”

Smaller farm signs can be installed right over the mailbox, saving the cost of even buying posts.

In reality, farm signs can be put up anywhere, it is just a question of how much one wants to spend, and how slick they want their farm sign to look.

Herald Journal Sign and Graphics offers a full array of farm signs, and can create any size, or image one would want on a sign.

So, if you are sick of describing your farm as the one with the blue mailbox out front, and the grove to the north, get a farm sign.

If interested in farm signs, contact Troy Feltmann at (320) 485-2535.

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