Farm Horizons, Nov. 2006

History of the Winsted Farmers Elevator is turning into a mystery

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

A mini-mystery is unfolding regarding the origin and history of the Winsted Farmers Elevator. In researching the elevator and its beginning, it has been discovered that there are two different sources with two different explanations on how the elevator ended up in its present location.

The Winsted Centennial book printed in 1987, states the elevator was built in 1918. Also, in the same book there are pictures of Winsted dated about 1922-23 showing the Winsted Farmers Elevator already standing in its present location. There is nothing that tells how it got there or how it was built.

The other source, a plaque on a memorial display in Carver County, states the Winsted Farmers Elevator was moved from that same location in 1927.

The memorial display is standing where Hazelton Station was once located; east of Vega Avenue, just off of Carver County Road 20.

Hazelton Station was once a very prosperous business center for Carver County. James Murphy, the original Carver County landowner of Hazelton Station, offered to donate the property to the railroad if it named the train station after his adopted daughter, Hazel.

In 1914, the railroad tracks extended to Stubbs Bay on Lake Minnetonka. In 1915, another 22 miles was added to Winsted, and in 1916, it reached Hutchinson.

The business activities known to take place at Hazelton Station included a feed mill/elevator (the elevator said to be moved to Winsted), a creamery, an ice house, a lumber yard, a loading dock, a weighing scale, and Hazelton General Store.

If anyone has any information about the Winsted Farmers Elevator that would give us any clues as to how it was built, when it was first used in Winsted, or know someone that might be able to help us, contact Gary Lenz (320) 485-4310 or Linda Scherer (320) 485-2315.

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