Farm Horizons, December 2012

Decorating with Christmas wreathes

Flowers brighten the house all through the year. They’re especially festive at holiday time.

Let’s say your color theme for your Christmas tree decorations is gold, red, and green. Using these colors, you can choose red carnations with gold ribbons for an entryway decoration.

For a different color trend, you may want some purple and silver flowers for your dinner table. You can have arrangements made with eucalyptus leaves sprayed silver, purple tulips, or even purple roses. Add some silver millimeter balls and you’ll have a beautiful contemporary Christmas arrangement.

You can also use flowers in wreaths. Tuck lime green mums, white spray roses, and red berries into your standard wreaths. Florists have a wide range of fresh flowers to choose from when creating your Christmas wreath.

Christmas flowers with accessories

Holiday decorating is all up to you. You can stay traditional or go more contemporary; mixing colors and textures for a one-of-a-kind look. In fact, you can add ribbon and other non-floral accessories to really make your wreath special.

Mixing flowers with ribbons, candles, and other accessories is a year-round technique, but used most during Christmas. When using these items, have fun and work with a color palette that matches your decor.

For a unique look, try working Christmas tree ornaments into a standard florist bouquet. Place a finial tree topper in the middle of your holiday centerpiece. Have your florist make mini holiday flower bouquets using your old vintage glass ornaments. Then use them as table decorations. After the party is over, give them to your dinner guests as party favors.

Whether you are using Christmas flowers as gifts or as decorations, don’t be afraid to stray from tradition. Exploring the world of Christmas flowers will give you a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. The feeling and smell of fresh flowers at Christmas can’t be beat.

Instead of hanging a wreath on your door, use it as the base of a centerpiece for your Christmas table. Use simple decorations to coordinate it with your home decor or table-setting theme.

Find a large tray or platter, or cut a piece of heavy plastic to place under the wreath. This will make it much easier to move the wreath centerpiece to change the tablecloth or rearrange the place settings. You’ll be protecting the finish on your table at the same time.

• Place the wreath on the table, tray, or platter.

• Decorate the wreath by sticking ornaments, pinecones, or floral picks into the wreath.

• Arrange ribbons or garlands around the wreath.

• Place one or several colorful bows around the wreath for added color.

• Use decorations that have wires attached. They can easily be stuck into the greens of the wreath.

• When arranging the decorations on the wreath, be careful not to scratch your wood table.

• For a different look, place several large pillar candles into the center of the wreath.

• Pile large pine cones neatly into the center of the wreath.

• Form a pyramid of colorful Christmas balls in the center of the wreath.

Try to use fresh greens and flowers whenever possible, to bring some warmth and outdoors into the home. You can use the decorations until they start to show signs of drying, then simply replace with new greens for a wintery look all season.

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