Farm Horizons, February 2012

Cokato Fire Dept. receives grain bin rescue tube

By Jennifer Kotila

In the past two years, three people in Wright County have lost their lives in grain bin accidents, accoridng to Jeff Wheeler, the safety and compliance director at Centra Sota.

Wheeler presented Cokato Fire Chief Mike Holmquist a grain bin rescue tube, donated by Centra Sota, Oct. 13.

While none of the grain bin accidents occurred within Cokato Fire Department’s territory, it will now be more prepared when an accident like that happens.

“We hope it never gets used,” Wheeler said.

The grain bin rescue tube consists of five aluminum panels that slide together to form a tube.

One panel has ladder steps on the inside of the tube for someone who is trapped to use to try to lift themselves out.

Each panel also has ladders steps on the outside of the tube for rescue workers to use.

When fully assembled, the tube, which is manufactured by Outstate Data near Erdahl and costs about $1,200, and weighs about 90 pounds.

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