Farm Horizons, February 2012

Otto Farms Chopping photo won a spot in the 2012 CLAAS calendar

By Linda Scherer

Every year, CLAAS, one of the world’s largest agricultural equipment manufacturers, sponsors a calendar contest for its customers. Greg and Jeremy Otto, co-owners of Otto Farms Chopping of Lester Prairie had known about the previous contests, but this was the first year they decided to try their luck submitting a family photo with their newest piece of equipment, the CLAAS self-propelled chopper.

The photo of the two families on top of the chopper won the Ottos a spot in the CLAAS 2012 calendar and the opportunity for some additional advertising.

The Ottos, contracted by area farmers, use their chopper to chop corn and alfalfa.

When those seasons end, they begin to make earlage which chops high moisture corn (35 to 45 percent) including the cob, without the stalk.

Earlage is popular with farmers, especially in a wet year, because it saves the expense of drying the corn. Also, with the new chopper, the corn is done in one step. In earlier years, the corn was picked first, then chopped by running it through a roller mill or feed mill.

Livestock owners harvest earlage because it produces a product that makes excellent feed for dairy and beef cattle.

For more information about the Ottos’ operation, contact Greg Otto at (320) 570-0468.

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