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December 2013

Snowmobile trail system a product of landowners, local clubs, state working together

Local youth choose college for farm-related occupations

Raising bison is a growing trend in Minnesota

Leadership is the name of the game for HLWW senior Ryan Gailey

Farming and the Bible

Future of Bergen Twp. meeting space, storage shed undecided

Nitrogen based fertilizers may be causing groundwater nitrate contamination

Disappointed in your 2013 corn yield?

Benefits of Norway spruce trees

Farm Bill legislation in limbo

Winter manure management basics

McLeod County Highway Shop is on track for December completion

Cokato family indulges in bounties of growing its own food

Henning Excavating digs its way to 60+ years of success

October 2013

A barn worth saving

Things to evaluate at harvest

Tradition of canning lives on

Getting up to speed with rural Internet access

Roads turning white as concrete prices become more competitive

Pedal pull is all about the kidpower

Say hello to the Peaceful People

Cleaning up the family farm

What is the Conservation Reserve Program?

Manure management and a visit to the doctor

Common spiders in Minnesota

August 2013

Weathering weird weather with crop insurance

Five generations span Doering farm’s 150-year history

Is your balance sheet ready?

Waconia Farm Supply looks forward to Sept. 1 merger

Hollywood Plow Day set for Saturday, Sept. 7

154 years on the Kellerman farm

Giant ragweed control in soybeans

Farming in road right-of-way raises safety concerns

Crop rotation important in gardens, too

Farmers need hot Aug. and Sept., late frost, to allow crops to mature and dry for harvest

Survey says: farmers provide valuable market data

Some predictable options for battling unpredictable weather

Century Farm program honors longevity and commitment

Farming practices affect the ability of monarch butterflies to thrive

June 2013

Apps for farming?

Jopps are Carver County’s Farm Family of the Year

How do you use the Internet?

HLWW’s Weninger joins the ranks of Minnesota’s FFA elite

Keeping township roads in good condition is an unconditional passion for Randy Klugow

Early-season weed control recommendations

Bluebird Hill Farm moves toward sustainability

Knowledge, efficiency, and effectiveness needed when applying manure

Plant some edibles in your landscaping: gooseberries and currants

County drainage systems: how they are maintained and who pays

April 2013

New rules regulate process for removing old farm buildings

The stars of the farm: sheep cheese producers

Pursuing success – through failure

Moisture needed still for spring planting season

Disappointed in your soybean yield?

Using corn gluten meal as herbicide

Land as an annuity

Water quality – a basic human need

NYA dairy expo an ‘udder’ success

Tips to increase dairy profits

New study shows tiling causes increased flow in MN rivers

Donated farm equipment brings relief to African field workers

Cooperatives abound in MN

February 2013

A sunny investment: LP farmer is pleased with his new solar panels

Corn rootworm update

Bill Gross’ mission field is in the fields of farm families in crisis

Manure Spreader Technician - Certified

Dairy expo in Carver Co. Feb. 18

The art of watering violets

Wright County honors CROW

Goal setting for 2013

Lawsuit filed recently against wind turbine developer

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