Farm Horizons, October 2014

Swedish Lutheran Cemetery is located south of Lester Prairie

By Aaron Schultz

This is the Herald Journal’s second installment of looking at rural cemeteries from our readership area.

This time, we’ll take a snapshot of the Swedish Lutheran Cemetery, which is located just about two-and-one-half miles south of Lester Prairie on Bergen Road.

The cemetery is a church burial ground, and the small church still exists on the property.

Overall, the cemetery, which is inactive, is not in the greatest of conditions.

The grounds are well-maintained, and there is a fence around the cemetery, but many of the headstones are in poor condition, with several of them broken, illegible, and sunken.

Looking at the legible headstones, from a cemetery reading in 2003, the last person to buried at the Swedish Lutheran Cemetery was Elmer Theodore Upgren in October 1961.

While I was unable to locate when the cemetery first was established, the earliest a person was buried there, according to records, was in 1873.

John A. Stark was the person buried at the Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in 1873.

The Swedish Lutheran Cemetery, as you’ll see below with the list of names on headstones, is dominated by a few names.

The most prevalent name to reside at the cemetery is Burtman, along with Johnson, Stark, and Upgren.

Back in April 2003, Laura and Jessica Pruden did a cemetery reading at the Swedish Lutheran Cemetery, and the list from that reading is below.

All existing and legible headstones, last updated April, 2003


ANDERSON; Ida Mary;15 Jul 1801; 31 Oct ____; w/o A. G. Anderson


BURTMAN; Andrew; 10 Oct 1828;11 Apr 1906; same stone as Johanna

BURTMAN; Charles E.; 1864; 1899

BURTMAN; Edor A.; 1878; 5 Oct 1925; brother

BURTMAN; Elsie Amanda; 1868; 21 Mar 1944; sister

BURTMAN; Emily L.; 29 Nov 1888; 6 Feb 1889; d/o J & G Burtman

BURTMAN; Gunhild E.; 1844; 1932; Mother

BURTMAN; H.E.; small stone with initials H.E.B., no dates

BURTMAN; Hannah C.; 1842;1937

BURTMAN; Henry E.; illegible; illegible; s/o J & G Burtman

BURTMAN; Huldah Christine; 1874; 11 Jan 1953

BURTMAN; J. Adolph; 15 Jun 1821; 12 Mar 1895; s/o A & H Burtman

BURTMAN; Jennie S.; 25 Sep 1865; 3 Jul 1901; d/o A & H Burtman

BURTMAN; Johanna; 29 Oct 1830; 21 Sep 1916; same stone as Andrew

BURTMAN; John P.; nd; 28 Feb 1882; 50y8m12d

BURTMAN; John P.; 1831; 1881

BURTMAN; Jonas M.; 1837; 1932;Father

BURTMAN; Lorent T.; nd; 27 Dec 1882; 8y11m6d s/o J & G Burtman

BURTMAN; Malinda; 7 Jan 1881; 20 Oct 1963; Nurse, Army Nurse Corps, WWI

BURTMAN; Mary J.; 1866; 1932; Daughter

BURTMAN; Oscar Adean; 21 Oct 1874; 13 Feb 1960; brother

JOHNSON; Bennett E.; nd; 20 May 1882; 1y8m19d s/o J. & B. Johnson

JOHNSON; Emma M.; 15 Dec 1873; broken off; d/o J. & B. Johnson

JOHNSON; G. Bennett; nd; 11 Jul 1876; s/o J. & B. Johnson

JOHNSON; Gustave; 1823; 1893; same stone as Maria C.

JOHNSON; Maria C.; 1828; 1881; same stone as Gustave

MOBERIC; Arthur F; nd; 25 Jul 1__8

MOBERIC; Gemil; 12 Jul 1877; 13 Jul 1887; RA L Mobric(?)

NEWMAN; Agnes J.; 6 Nov 1880; 30 Sep 1897; daughter, same stone as Charles and Matlida

NEWMAN; Charles E.; 13 Oct 1855; 1 Oct 1897; Father, same stone as Matilda and Agnes

NEWMAN; Hodvig F. J.; 7 Feb 1826; 16 May 1897; Fod: Bjorkina D.

NEWMAN; Matilda S.; 10 July 1857; 23 Feb 1893; mother, same stone as Charles and Agnes

PETERSON; Jonas; nd; 16 Apr 1876; 49y, broken stone behind church

PETERSON; Jonas; nd; 16 Apr 1876; 49y, same stone as Liva J.

PETERSON; Liva J.; nd; 9 Feb 1916; 77y3m0d, same stone as Jonas

STARK; August; 17 Jan 1831; 12 Apr 1907; same stone as Mathilda C.

STARK; G.M.; small stone with initials G.M.S., no dates

STARK; Glaes? M.; 2 Jul 1802/62; 2 Jun 1880; s/o August Stark

STARK; John A.; nd; 22 Apr 1873; s/o G. & H. A. Stark

STARK; M.E.; small stone with initials M.E.S., no dates

STARK; Mathilda C.; 10 Nov 1835; 29 Oct 1887; same stone as August

UPGREN; Clarence A.; 29 Aug 1900; 10 Mar 1901; s/o E & J, Our little boy sleeps secretly here

UPGREN; Edmund L.; 4 Feb 1877; 3 Dec 1901; s/o Mr & Mrs J. P. Upgren

UPGREN; Elmer Theodore; 25 July 1873; 6 Oct 1961

UPGREN; Hedvig U.; 6 Jan 1832; 4 Nov 1925; same stone as John P.

UPGREN; John P.; 20 Oct 1820; 10 Jul 1907; same stone as Hedvig U.

UPGREN; Menster; 1869; 1947

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