Farm Horizons, Aug. 2015

County historical societies display artifacts from farming’s past

By Julia Jagodzinski

Farming is an important part of history in Minnesota, so it makes sense that the local historical societies have a display or two showing some of that history.

Carver County

The Carver County Historical Society has an exhibit with multiple objects regarding the farm history of the area.

On display they have a fruit press, a sorghum press, a fanning mill, a cream seperator, and containers for farm-related products that were sold in local stores, such as baked goods or dairy products.

The display is located in the top floor of the Carver County Historical Society, which is located at 555 West First Street in Waconia.

McLeod County

The Mcleod County Historical Society and Museum has a two-part display regarding farming history.

One part is an Allis-Chalmers Fuel Cell Tractor. This tractor is on a three-year loan from the National Museum of American History Smithsonian Institution.

Next to the tractor, there is a display of farming equipment. Theis part of the display includes milk cans, a butter churn, a horse bridle, a few lanterns, and a wheelbarrow.

The McLeod County Historical Society and Museum is located at 380 School Road NW in Hutchinson.

Wright County

There are two serarate displays of farm history at the Wright County Historical Society.

One of the displays includes barn facade that was once part of a whole barn. In the same display, there are a few farming tools: a bucksaw, a broadaxe head, and a hatchel, a tool used to remove the outer shell from flax straw to expose the fibers, which were then used to spin linen thred..

In the other display, there is a Farmall Cub Tractor, donated by A. Stanley Bull of Annandale; and a John Deere horse-drawn plow.

The Wright County Historical Society is located at 2001 Hwy 25 N in Buffalo.

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