Farm Horizons, June 2015

The next generation of farmers

By Lori Brinkman
Assistant Carver County Feedlot Administrator

I admit it. I enjoy social media. For me, it’s an easy way to stay connected to friends and family, and I also enjoy the miscellaneous posts that everyone shares to help us all get through our day.

Just last week, a Facebook friend posted a quote that stated, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” The quote re-surfaced during a feedlot site inspection as the farmer had questions about his son coming back to the farm following college. During another site visit that same day, another farmer talked about both of his sons’ plans to farm.

Farming has never been easy, and it’s without a doubt a less popular occupation than it was a half generation ago, but it’s still an occupation that is sought after by those who have a dream to be a farmer and are willing to work for it.

About two years ago, the Braun family, including their daughter, began searching for a farm parcel for their own dream of starting a dairy farm in Carver County. It wasn’t an easy search, but they eventually found a building site and some land that met their needs. They worked through the zoning and feedlot regulations and have put together a plan to meet all environmental requirements, including manure management and milk house waste management. They are currently finalizing the business plan to grow the dairy operation.

At a time when many are talking about the decline of the small dairy, and smaller farms in general, it’s been a pleasure to see the commitment by others to work toward their farm goals with a firm commitment to protect the environment while doing so.

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