Farm Horizons, Oct. 2016

Local Princess Kay runner-up has cow in Kemps commercial

By Starrla Cray

Remember the Kemps commercial with an Olympic gymnast on a cow?

That cow was raised by Morgan Krause of rural Buffalo, who served as a Wright County Dairy Princess and was chosen as runner-up for 2016-17 Princess Kay of the Milky Way.

“Kemps actually reached out to us,” said Morgan, daughter of Charles and Robyn Krause. “They asked if we had a cow that would stand in the pasture and not move. Immediately, I thought of my cow, Ditto. She’s incredibly tame.”

In mid-June, a few Kemps representatives stopped at Krause Holsteins to scout Ditto, checking if she had the right demeanor and markings.

“Luckily, they liked her,” Morgan said.

About a week later, Kemps reappeared with a film crew and shot footage of Ditto grazing in the front yard. Morgan, who had been in Sleepy Eye for a summer internship, made a trip out to the farm to help. She was a bit nervous about having Ditto out in the open without a halter, but needn’t have worried. The 8-year-old Holstein stayed calm, and wasn’t in a hurry to go anywhere.

The first time Morgan saw the commercial was on Facebook, while helping her dad with third crop hay.

After that, she started seeing it on TV. The commercial, which features gymnast Marvin Kimble, began airing in July, and finished one week after the summer Olympics. (To see the commercial now, go to YouTube and type in “Kemps cow power their dreams.”)

“I freak out every time I see it,” Morgan said. “I’d be in a restaurant with a TV in the background, and I’d be like, ‘that’s my cow!’”

Although this was Ditto’s first time on TV, she’s no stranger to being the center of attention.

“She’s naturally a very docile cow, and she’s pretty used to people petting her,” Morgan said, explaining that Ditto has performed well at many fairs through the years. “She’s a very special cow to me – the farm wouldn’t be the same without her.”

At this year’s Wright County Fair, a sign near Ditto read, “I’m an Olympic Kemps cow.”

“People recognized her and were taking pictures with her,” Morgan said. “This was my last year showing with 4-H, and it was a really cool way to go out.”

Trading boots for heels

Morgan decided not to show at the Minnesota State Fair this year, in order to devote her time to the Princess Kay of the Milky Way competition.

“I traded my boots in for a pair of heels at the fair,” she said.

Morgan was one of 12 dairy princesses in the state to become a finalist, and she was chosen as runner-up for the title of Princess Kay.

During the fair, Morgan had the opportunity to speak with many people about agriculture, including University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler.

“I absolutely love talking about my family farm and the dairy farms of Minnesota,” said Morgan, who is a sophomore at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Morgan also spent a day at the fair in a rotating cooler, while Linda Christensen sculpted her likeness into a 90-pound block of butter. This holiday season, Morgan plans to use the butter to make treats for military troops.

“Gratitude for those serving our country has been instilled in me,” she said.

At the U of M, Morgan is currently majoring in agriculture communications/marketing, and animal science/dairy production. Her plan is to attend an extra year of school, to get a master’s degree in agricultural education.

“My dream job would be to work in dairy communications,” she said. “I love advocating for the dairy community.”

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