Farm Horizons, August 2017

Flag project grew into eye-catching mural on New Germany silo

By Emily Sundblad
Editorial Intern

Loren Remer of New Germany took on a hefty art project: painting his silo. And he did not just paint it one color, like one might paint a wall in a house, he decorated the silo with an American flag and a bald eagle.

Remer grew up in Waverly with nine siblings. He has now owned the farm he lives on, which is just outside of New Germany, for about 25 years. On this farm he has no animals, save his little dog Jimmy, and does not grow crops. However, Remer does garden, and he said he makes his garden bigger so he has less mowing to do.

Currently, Remer is semi-retired, but outside of the farm he does maintenance work on apartments in Waconia.

As to past painting experience, Remer said he used to paint motorcycles, and he has painted color on the buildings on his farm, as well.

Remer said he started his silo painting project as just the American flag. He specifically wanted it to look like it was waving in the wind, not just flat. A button with a blowing American flag on it served as something for him to look at as he illustrated his flag. For paints, he thought to use some that he already had around.

Originally, Remer used a 20-foot ladder to reach to the top of the flag. But, after that, he thought it still looked bare, so he decided to add more to his design. Adding the next element, an eagle, required an upgrade to a 40-foot ladder.

Remer says he didn’t copy a picture, he just made the painting up as he went along. This is illustrated in a memory he shared about his painting experience: one time a drop of paint dripped onto his painted sky. After brushing the drip, he decided it looked like a cloud. And so, clouds were added to the painting.

Over all, Remer guessed this project took about two weeks of work to complete, spread out over roughly a month and a half.

As the silo is fairly visible from the road, passers-by sometimes see it and pull into the driveway a little. Remer guessed some might have taken pictures of his colorful silo.

Loren Remer does not expect to paint another silo like he did this one. Perhaps he would rather just look at this one, with Jimmy at his side on his farm, which he calls a little paradise.

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