Farm Horizons, August 2017

Tesch Family farm earns 2017 Sesquicentennial Farm award

MAYER – Since 1867, the Tesch family farm has been around. The farm, currently owned by Carl and Lillie Tesch, is one of four farms in Carver County recognized as a Sesquicentennial Farm award for 2017.

Other Carver County farms that were recognized were Karen and Brad Bentz of Hamburg, Orland and Shirley Feltmann of Norwood Young America, and Dean R. Loehrs of Norwood Young America.

The Minnesota Farm Bureau hands out a commemorative certificate signed by Governor Mark Dayton, along with several other key people in the farming business and industry. Families also receive an outdoor sign signifying their Sesquicentennial Farm award.

What started as school land in 1867, turned into the new home of the Tesch farm. The farm, which is located just off of Highway 7, has remained in the family for all these years.

Carl and Lillie Tesch bough the family farm in 1974, and have carried on the family tradition with their four children. In 1999, their son Gregory and his wife, April, took over part of the farm themselves to help out.

Over the years, a lot of things have changed on the Tesch Family Farm, but there is always somethings that never change. In 2012, April and her husband Greg were chose to have a Carver County Barn Quilt hung on their barn. The Carver County Barn Quilts was an art project created by Naomi Russel and Suzanne Thiesfeld, and has taken off across thew county.

When deciding to chose a design for a quilt, April decided to focus on the staple of the family farm. April the came up the idea for the quilt “Grandma’s Flower Garden” as a flower garden has always been around the family farm.

The quilt nows hangs on the farm along with several other quilts across Carver County.

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