Herald Journal - Voters' Guide '08

Carver County Commissioner District 4

Tim Lynch and Paul Neumann

State Representative District 34A

Paul Kohls (R) and Marcia Krueger (DFL)

US Representative District 2

John Kline (R) and Steve Sarvi (DFL)

City of Mayer

For the City of Mayer mayor position, Chris Capaul. For Mayer council, Erick Boder, Bruce Osborn, Tim Masters, Allen Pedersen, Bryan Geruntho, and Etienne (Tice) Stieve-McPadden.

City of New Germany

For the City of New Germany mayor position, Pete Peterson. For New Germany council, Marc Trujillo, Shirley Jaeger, and Jim Paul.

Judges on ballot in Carver County

A local guide to judges on the ballot for November

Minnesota Supreme Court Judges

Statewide, there are three court races that will appear on the November ballot, two seats on the Minnesota Supreme Court and one seat on the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Minnesota Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment

The amendment will change the Minnesota Constitution to increase the sales tax on purchases in Minnesota, with the funds designated to four seperate funds: an outdoor heritage fund, a clean water fund, a parks and trails fund, and an arts and cultural heritage fund.