Herald Journal - Voters' Guide '08

Two candidates to vie for Carver County Commissioner

Two positions are up in Carver County, those served by Tim Lynch of Mayer (District 4), and Tom Workman of Chanhassen (District 1).

Lynch has refiled for District 4, which is a local seat, serving Hollywood Township, the city and township of Watertown, Waconia Township, as well as Wards 1 and 2 of Waconia.

Lynch is being challenged by Paul Neumann of Waconia. Workman is running unopposed.

Tim Lynch

Why are you running for office?

I am married over 20 years to Debbie, and have three daughters, Rachel (17), Amanda (15), and Victoria (10). I want to see them have the opportunity to live and work here if they so desire. At this time, we have a nearly ideal district with the mix of rural and suburban.

By serving as commissioner, I believe sound fiscal leadership is needed now and in the future. The present economic situation is bleak. People are hurting (job loss, fuel costs, food prices). I will continue to work hard to keep spending in order.

The present fiscal disorder will require that the county must tighten its belt. I intend to be one to help tighten it.

What do you think are two major issues at this time, and what do you propose to do about them?

The two issues at this time that jump to the forefront are taxes, and the proposed fiber optic loop.

Carver County has been running very lean. With the present economic situation, we will be running even leaner. The present budget, as well as the previous budgets I was associated with, will be cut as to leave more money in the pockets of the taxpayers.

The proposed fiber optic line is about cost savings, and enhanced efficiency. By eliminating the T-1 and DSL lines, we will pay for this system in about seven years. It’s expected to last 30-40 years, and is many times faster and also eliminates the maintenance costs, which are expected to be $100,000 per year, which will be picked up by Jaguar Communications.

The fiber optic line has the added benefit of helping businesses relocate or stay here. Because of the speed of the line, it will also help residents by having the option of working from home.

Why should you be elected?

I will continue to represent the people of District 4 – not forgetting about the needs of western Carver County, if re-elected.

Paul Neumann

Why are you running for office?

The county board needs a leader who will push for reducing the taxpayer’s burden.

What do you think are two major issues at this time, and what do you propose to do about them?

County government taxing growth has gone beyond the ability of the taxpayers to pay. The county government has become intrusive and abusive to these same taxpayers that are asked to carry the extra tax burden.

Why should you be elected?

The county government must be responsive to the needs of the citizens and not the wishes of the county government.