Herald Journal - Voters' Guide '08

State Representative District 18A

Eric Angvall (DFL) and Ron Shimanski (R)

State Representative District 18B

David Detert (DFL) and Dean Urdahl (R)

US Representative District 7

Collin Peterson (DFL) and Glen Menze (R)

City of Dassel

For mayor, Ava Flachmeyer and Mike Scanlon. For council, Wayne Medcraft, Bob Lalone, Alesia Warner, Neil Bonde Sr., and Jack Adams.

City of Darwin

For mayor, Orlan Cervin and Mike Diedrich. For council, Diane Porth, Clinton Lindquist, Jeremy Cates, and Tim Matheson.

City of Kingston

For mayor, John Smith. For council, Jim Herda and Doug Serbus.

Dassel-Cokato School Board

Dr. Tracy McConkey, Irene Bender, Jenny Lee, Mark Linder and Matt Cron.

Judges on ballot in Meeker County

A local guide to judges on the ballot for November

Minnesota Supreme Court Judges

Statewide, there are three court races that will appear on the November ballot, two seats on the Minnesota Supreme Court and one seat on the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Minnesota Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment

The amendment will change the Minnesota Constitution to increase the sales tax on purchases in Minnesota, with the funds designated to four seperate funds: an outdoor heritage fund, a clean water fund, a parks and trails fund, and an arts and cultural heritage fund.