Herald Journal - Voters' Guide '08

Wright County Commissioner District 3

Jack Russek and Matt Walker

State Representative District 19A

Bruce Anderson (R) and Jim Bakula (DFL)

State Representative District 19B

Christine Brazelton (DFL) and Tom Emmer (R)

US Representative District 6

Michele Bachmann (R), El Tinklenburg (DFL), and Bob Anderson (I)

City of Cokato

For mayor, Bruce Johnson and Wayne Murphy. For city council, Carl Harju, Butch Amundsen, Chad Wuollet, Matt Stumpf and Mark Curlew.

City of Delano

Both incumbents, Holly Schrupp and Marc Plese, have re-filed, as have Janice Braegelmann-Schweiss, Lee Bunker, Harlan Lewis, Derek Schansberg, and Betsy Stolfa.

City of Howard Lake

For mayor, Rick Lammers. For city council, Mike Mitchell, Tom Kutz, and Jan Gilmer.

City of Montrose

For mayor, Andy Kauffman, Tim Hackenmiller, and Lloyd Johnson. For Montrose council, Jeff Peterson, Mary McCarty, Joe DeBauche, Georgina Woidyla, Scott Jensen, Lisa Ellwoods, and Jason Simmons.

City of Waverly

For mayor, Ken Antil. For Waverly council, Gary Olson, Keith Harris, Connie Holmes, and Charlie Brown.

Dassel-Cokato School Board

Dr. Tracy McConkey, Irene Bender, Jenny Lee, Mark Linder and Matt Cron.

Delano School Board

Both incumbents, Peter Brasket and Sarah Gallagher, have re-filed, as have Amy Johnson and Sam Nelson. Kevin Max and Lorrie Mulholland did not refile.

HLWW School Board

Paul Weibel, Michelle Heuer, Charlie Weber, Fred Yerke, Jesse Tintes, Dan Schaible, and Al Doering.

Judges on ballot in Wright County

A local guide to judges on the ballot for November

Minnesota Supreme Court Judges

Statewide, there are three court races that will appear on the November ballot, two seats on the Minnesota Supreme Court and one seat on the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Minnesota Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment

The amendment will change the Minnesota Constitution to increase the sales tax on purchases in Minnesota, with the funds designated to four seperate funds: an outdoor heritage fund, a clean water fund, a parks and trails fund, and an arts and cultural heritage fund.