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McLeod County Attorney

Mike Junge has filed for the position of McLeod County Attorney.

Mike Junge

Why are you running for office?

I have held the position of McLeod County Attorney since 1987, and continue to find the position to be challenging, interesting, and rewarding.

I continue to be enthusiastic about criminal justice and about providing quality legal advice to the McLeod County Board of Commissioners and the county departments.

What do you think are two major issues at this time, and what do you propose to do about them?

In the area of criminal law, chemical dependency cases continue to dominate. I hope to work with law enforcement and encourage prompt and effective prosecution, and in sentencing, I seek to encourage chemical dependency treatment.

If individuals choose not to avail themselves of treatment opportunities, then punishment takes precedence.

This dual carrot-and-stick approach lets offenders make the choice for their future, but hopefully, they will choose rehabilitation, so as not to involve themselves in additional criminal activity.

The second major issue is one facing all of government at the present, and that is doing more with limited county budgets.

The McLeod County Attorney’s Office functions with fewer people than other comparably-sized counties, and we will continue to do so.

However, our main emphasis is on providing quality legal representation for the State of Minnesota in criminal actions, and to the county and county departments in civil actions.

Why should you be elected?

I should be elected because I have proven in the past that I am capable of performing the duties of the McLeod County Attorney effectively, and I pledge to do so in the future.

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