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Cokato City Council

Two have filed for Cokato City Council position; Ken Bakke and Jesse Bunker.

Ken Bakke

Why are you running for this particular office?

Upon retiring from the field of public works, I wish to continue serving the residents of our community in another capacity.

What do you think are two major issues at this time, and what do you propose to do about them?

A critical need for the city is to continue modernizing outdated infrastructure. In some parts of downtown, the sanitary sewer lines are more than 100 years old.

We need to develop an ongoing maintenance plan that targets the areas most in need. By doing so, one goal is to reduce the amount of infiltration into the city’s sanitary sewer system, which puts a tremendous strain on our treatment plant, causing increased costs for that facility.

Cokato has always been known as a good place to live and raise a family. It will be my goal on the council to maintain that by working in partnership with the school district, business community, and city residents. A community can only thrive if everyone works together.

Why should you be elected?

With 33 years of work experience in city government, I would bring a unique and needed perspective to the council.

Jesse Bunker

Why are you running for this particular office?

I want to be actively involved in this city. I don’t want to be one of those men who constantly complain, but do nothing to improve poor conditions.

I also want to see businesses stop leaving and more businesses open up. People and companies should want to stay here, not walk away.

I would like to see citizens and business owners walk into city hall with not just problems, but have solutions in mind.

I want to see the city government be adaptable enough to use creative solutions to maintain and increase our city’s health and well-being. I think that if we work toward that goal, we can accomplish just that.

What do you think are two major issues at this time, and what do you propose to do about them?

1. Reducing the burden on our citizens. Why does government get to tax us more, when the citizens have to make do with less?

I would like to see our sewer rates pro-rated for summer usage, and widen our tax base by increasing business opportunities.

There also needs to be a definite limit on increasing city budgets, based off inflation rates.

2. Keep businesses here. There’s no sense attracting new businesses to Cokato, if we can’t keep what we have. Meetings with the business owners in Cokato to list and reduce obstacles to success are needed.

Why should you be elected?

Cokato could be a shining example of what a growing, dynamic city is in the state of Minnesota. With a responsive government and an active citizenry, we can do that, and I know I can help.

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