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Dassel Mayor

Mike Scanlon has filed for the office of mayor in Dassel.

Mike Scanlon

Why are you running for this particular office?

I am running as the incumbent. I enjoyed my first term in office, and hope for a successful second term.

What do you think are two major issues at this time, and what to you propose to do about them?

Taxes, and how and what the City spends our money on.

1. Dassel has not raised its levy the last two years. It would be nice to continue that trend, or try to lower the levy. There are many factors involved with that.

The most important being Local Government Aid (LGA), the money we get back from the state. We have been losing LGA money for three years, and the future is not bright for our state budget.

To hold the line in taxes would be the best for now.

2. The City of Dassel has been capturing less revenue for the past few years. There are many reason for this: water conservation, few building permits, foreclosures, and loss of interest income.

Our costs continue to go up: health care, PERA, infrastructure, and equipment.

As a city, we need to look at buying good, used equipment, and sharing costs of common goods with other cities. In short, watch what we spend our money on.

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