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State Senate Dist. 18

Richard Hoff (I)

No information or photo was submitted by the candidate.

Hal Kimball (DFL)

Why are you running for this particular office?

I’m running for the state senate because we need leaders at the capitol who are willing to put aside partisan affiliation to do what needs doing to get our state back on track. We’ve been lucky in our area to have that in Steve Dille for years, but sadly, that brand of leadership has been on the decline in St. Paul for a long time now.

As the next senator for District 18, I’ll advance solutions that work for our communities and for our state. I’ve never backed down from a tough fight, and I certainly won’t back down when confronted with party politics as usual at the capitol.

What do you think are two major issues at this time, and what do you propose to do about them?

The two biggest issues are, easily, jobs and the massive budget deficit.

While both of these are complex issues that ultimately require more space than is allowed here, my approach will be simple.

I’ll look at every bill that comes before me and I’ll ask three key questions:

1.) Does this legislation make Minnesota more competitive in the national and global economy?

2.) Does this legislation level the playing field for working families?

3.) Does this legislation spend tax dollars wisely?

Where the answer is yes, on all three, I’ll vote yes. If it’s not, I’ll vote no.

Why should you be elected?

I’ve devoted my life to service. After graduating from Annandale High School, I spent 11 years serving in the US Army. When I was honorably discharged in 2001, I came home to Wright County, enrolled at St. Cloud State, and ever since have worked hard – in a bipartisan manner – to ensure our veterans got the benefits they deserved, and that higher education remains within the reach of working families.

In our campaign, I’ve met with thousands of residents and I’ve listened carefully to their concerns. Across the spectrum – Democrats, Republicans, farmers, commuters, small business owners – people don’t expect government to do everything. They simply want basic fairness and a good return on their investment. That will be my mandate as the next state senator from our area.

Scott Newman (R)

Why are you running for this particular office?

First, as a former member of the Minnesota House of Representatives and administrative law judge, I believe I am the best-qualified candidate to represent the people of this senate district and the people of Minnesota. I understand the legislative process and truly have a working knowledge of issues, problems, and possible solutions that we, as a state, are facing.

The government cannot continue with its double-digit increases without corresponding tax increases. Something has to give. This year is a pivotal election in that the people of this state must decide the direction in which this state is to move by electing candidates that favor one side or the other; more government, more regulations, and increased taxes, or reduced taxes, less government, and common-sense regulations. I favor the latter, and believe that is the only road to prosperity, jobs, and long-term economic stability.

I am running for this office because I disagree with our public officials spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need. I am trying to protect our children and grandchildren from the debt incurred when we provide entitlements today and charge them to future generations. I am running because I believe our elected officials are leading this state in the wrong direction.

What do you think are two major issues at this time, and what do you propose to do about them?

Government spending and the size of government.

On the spending issue – introduce some common sense initiatives, like zero balanced budget, which would take government spending off autopilot, which is currently set at 17 percent, and require the legislature to pass a revenue bill before any spending bills are passed.

Regarding the size of government – eliminate all unnecessary or duplicate state boards, commissions, bureaus, and agencies. Redesign the way government services are provided to increase efficiency. Eliminate unnecessary government rules that hamper, rather than help businesses, and create a business atmosphere that encourages the private sector to be successful, rather than leave the state.

Why should you be elected?

I have the education, business experience, legislative backround, and common sense to represent the best interests of Minnesota and the citizens of this district.

I am the only legislative candidate that has a solid understanding of vast bureaucracy, which comprises the approximate 600 state boards, commissions, and bureaus, their inefficiencies, and the legislation needed to bring some common sense back into the way they deal with us.

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