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Camden Township Supervisor - Seat A

Three people have filed for Supervisor Seat A in Camden Township; Bruce Clark, Gerald Goede, and Marcus Lhotka.

Bruce Clark

Why are you running for office?

It is important to stay informed on the issues that impact the township where I live, and I want to be involved in the decisions that affect our local government.

What do you think are two major issues at this time, and what do you propose to do about them?

An ongoing issue in our township is the maintenance and upkeep of our road systems. Township roads are an integral part of our transportation system and there is a lot of effort required to keep them in usable shape.

Camden Township services about 44 miles of roads, and most of the cost to maintain the roads within our township is paid for by the property owners within the township.

We are continually faced with keeping our local taxes at a minimum level, while balancing the need for making sure our road systems are kept in good condition.

By pro-actively keeping all our road systems in good condition through an ongoing maintenance program, we can minimize the costs involved for major road repairs.

During these difficult economic conditions, it is extremely important to manage expenses, by diligently setting and managing an appropriate budget, we can continue to service the needs of the township and keep our taxes held to a reasonable level.

Why should you be elected?

I have been a resident of Camden Township for more than 28 years, and have also served as a Camden Township supervisor for 15 years.

These experiences have allowed me to meet and work with many of the township residents, as well as other city, township, county, and state officials.

Through my years of serving as a township supervisor, I have had the opportunity to deal with a variety of issues within the township. Working through these issues has provided me with a great deal of knowledge and experience. I would like to use my experience and knowledge to continue to service the needs of our local township residents.

Gerald Goede

Why are you running for office?

Rather than sit back and complain about what needs to happen, I have decided to take action by running for supervisor.

What do you think are two major issues at this time, and what do you propose to do about them?

Spending. Just as Camden Township taxpayers adjust their budgets, there are portions of the Camden Township budget that should be re-evaluated.

A new voice is needed as to how projects get done, and that they are completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Why should you be elected?

We all know that the economy is the worst it’s been in years. The economy has forced the taxpayers of Camden Township to cut personal spending and adjust their budgets. It’s my intent to bring leadership to Camden Township that will reinforce those same principles.

In addition, I have 10 years of road maintenance experience, as well as maintenance management experience frommy 26 years at Quast Transfer.

Marcus Lhotka

Why are you running for office?

I am running for Camden Township supervisor because I see a need for the board to be more transparent, keeping the public aware and informed of all board meetings.

What do you think are two major issues at this time, and what do you propose to do about them?

The first issue I would like to address is to have the meetings recorded and post them on the Camden Township website. In doing this, it would keep the citizens of the township informed and up-to-date on the township’s business and activities.

The second issue is that most of the people in the township don’t know who the board members are.

To fix this, if elected, I would like to introduce myself to them, and let them know that if they have any concerns or thoughts that they can call me and their concerns will be brought to the board at the next meeting.

Why should you be elected?

I should be elected to the Camden Township Board as a supervisor because I feel it’s time to listen to the people in the township.

Everyone has a different opinion, but I would listen to all ideas and concerns before making a decision.

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