Herald Journal - Voters' Guide 2010
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Bergen Township Supervisor

Francis Burch

Why are you running for office?

I am running for supervisor because I feel it is important to be able to serve in a position of trust in our township.

What do you think are two major issues at this time, and what do you propose to do about them?

I am only one-third of the final vote on any given issue, however roads’ right of way, and gravel where needed are important issues.

Why should you be elected?

It takes time to attend all the meetings one should attend, and I have it.

I feel that I can help take care of the township equipment in a worthy matter.

I have served the last seven years, and have missed only one township meeting.

I encourage people to get to know how the township works by attending some or all of the meetings. You freeze in January; and get very warm in July and August.

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