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Lester Prairie Mayor

Andy Heimerl*

Why are you running for mayor of Lester Prairie?

I am running because I have enjoyed my time as mayor, and previously as a council member. I feel as though I am helping to make a difference, and I enjoy serving the community. I would like to see some things done in our community, and I want to see them through.

What do you believe are the top two issues facing the city, and what are your proposed solutions?

There are more than two issues that present themselves to the community, but one thing that I would like to see done among those is the trail that has been in the works for some time. I would like to work with the county and the rail authority to get the trail through Lester Prairie for our citizens to be able to use. It’s more than just bringing people into town, it’s about giving our own citizens access to do more activities, as well.

Number two is to work with the council to try and get a senior living center, similar to the ones in surrounding communities, so that the members in our town don’t have to leave it when they no longer can maintain their own homes. We have a few properties in town that we can clean up, and build a very nice living facility for those members of our community.

What specifically can this unit of government do to cut costs and operate efficiently, while still maintaining service to taxpayers?

I believe that we have been doing a very good job of that already. We watch our spending and don’t necessarily spend where it is not needed.

We have to try to keep taxes down while still being able to provide the services to the people that are required.

Our fire, police, and maintenance departments have been doing a great job of not spending foolishly. They keep their equipment kept up and well-maintained, so we are able to get more longevity out of it.

I am proud of the job we have done up to this point, and will continue to keep an eye on spending in order to keep the taxes down.

I would like to thank the members of our community for their support, and also would like to encourage more involvement in our community. Attend meetings and let your voices be heard. It is easy to sit back and judge, but if someone has an opinion that they’d like to share, please come to a meeting and do so.

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