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Loretto Mayor

Kent Koch

Why are you running for mayor of Loretto?

I am running for a second term for mayor because of my passion for this great community.

What do you think are two major issues at this time, and what do you propose to do about them?

One important issue facing Loretto is our aging wastewater treatment facility.

In order to meet permit requirements for renewal in 2017, upgrades will need to be done. The two options to achieve this are to upgrade the current wastewater ponds to meet new standards, and the other option is to connect to the Met Council sewer line; both of which will have large financial impacts to the City of Loretto.

A large amount of planning and many informed decisions will need to be made regarding the future of our facility. I want to make sure that Loretto is well-prepared before our permit expires and our action plan is in motion.

My main goal as mayor is to simply keep Loretto, Loretto. I want to keep the small-town feel, and continue to build on our great relationships with our residents, businesses, and local organizations.

I believe, with our close proximity to the Twin Cities, we can continue to make Loretto a destination point for visitors; using the nearby parks and trails, looking for great food, or catching a ball game.

Why should you be elected?

I want to continue to stay conservative when it comes to spending, and look for ways to become more efficient.

I plan to continue to look for grant funding for capital projects that we have planned to save the city money.

Also, I want to leverage resources with neighboring communities to drive down operating costs.

In my two years as mayor, I have built lasting relationships, and have loved serving this outstanding community. I have personally enjoyed the benefits of growing up in this town and want to continue to serve the community in a positive way.

I am looking forward to the election, and I would appreciate your vote for mayor Tuesday, Nov. 6. Thanks.

Clark Lohr

Why are you running for mayor of Loretto?

Having served on city council for four years I am uniquely qualified for the position or mayor. I take my elected responsibility to our community very seriously and have the expertise needed to ensure we thrive as a community and are protected from ever increasing external pressure.

In business I have seen the affects of the downturn in our economy through market contraction and increased regulation. I wish to protect and serve Loretto’s interests by staying focused on how we deal with these issues and emerge as a stronger community together, poised for the next business cycle.

What do you think are two major issues at this time, and what do you propose to do about them?

Loretto city council needs leadership and a clear direction. While some issues take time to solve, leadership can change in an instant with your vote on November 6.

First, we need to adapt our way of thinking and doing business. For to long we have been the unwilling participant of the Metropolitan Council and Pioneer-Sarah Creek WMO. We need to get behind the wheel and drive the bus.

Secondly, Loretto needs to promote and provide a business environment where everyone can and will succeed. To promote a healthy business environment, we need to empower city staff to give clear direction on matters of code and regulation. When faced with council action it is our responsibility to move forward expeditiously and with interests of constituents at the forefront of each and every action.

What specifically can this unit of government do to cut costs and operate efficiently while still maintaining service to taxpayers?

Loretto is fortunate to have the best community organizations in the west metro. Together we have partnered, and under my leadership been awarded grant funds to offset potential costs to our taxbase.

I have led the charge as chair to our Redevelopment Advisory Committee and Loretto has been awarded $36,440 for pre-development activities from the Metropolitan Council.

I have also worked with the Loretto Community Athletic Association to apply for and be awarded a $10,000 grant from the Hennepin County Youth Sports Program for a new mower to be used throughout our community.

Along with grant writing and firsthand knowledge for fiduciary responsibility, I will continue to look for ways to keep our tax burden in check.

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