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Montrose Mayor

Scott “Ski” Czanstkowski

Why are you running for mayor of Montrose?

I am running for mayor to continue saving the City of Montrose money, and to share my ideas for recreational and commercial growth.

I would also like to bring the city council together and start working with each other, as well as with the city’s public works and administration departments.

We need to start putting money back into our community, instead of trying to use it to bring in more residential properties. I believe we need to take care of the people we have living in this city before working on getting more into our community.

What do you believe are the top two issues facing the city, and what are your proposed solutions?

One is spending. We need to start using common-sense government instead of hiring consultants and other high cost “do-it-for-you” type firms. We need to use the knowledge and common sense we have gained to move forward and save money at the same time.

Two is teamwork. We, as a government, small or large, need to start getting back to our morals and values.

I feel government has turned into a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” type of system. This type of system is costing taxpayers money and does not improve the economy or the government/citizen relationship. We need to work with our voters, not against them.

What specifically can this unit of government do to cut costs and operate efficiently, while still maintaining service to taxpayers?

As I have stated above, teamwork and common-sense government will save money and bring the government and voters together.

If we listen to the citizens and use proven money-saving ideas as tools, we can move forward.

I have been a small-business owner for several years and I realize that everything counts towards the total bill.

Charlie Nelson

Born and raised in Montrose. Lived here or near for life. Married. Five children. 13 grandchildren. Montrose mayor 1999 through 2008. Retired business manager. Retired sheriff’s detective. Helped start Boy Scout Troop 312 in 1965, and still involved. Owner of “Handlaget by Nelson.” Working part-time with Goldberg Bonding. Buffalo High School and chosen career courses graduate. Lifetime member of Montrose United Methodist Church.


A. Ten years as mayor of Montrose. Twelve years as a director on the Wright County Fair Board. I possess tried and true, knowledgeable, factual, truthful and proven leadership. I am a very capable public speaker, having done that in business, in my sheriff’s department work, in Boy Scout boy and leader training, at area schools, and, of course, as mayor.

City councils I was part of were able to bring about growth that tripled the size of Montrose. This gave the city an update to the failing infrastructure we were experiencing. The plans and actions we accomplished brought in businesses and families. They are still making it easier for the city to expand.

B. I will serve the people by continuing to be open, honest, and truthful.

I will conduct city meetings as they should be: polite and respectful – not just for everyone in attendance, but for those who don’t attend for whatever reason (like disturbances they’ve seen or heard of, along with negative ideas and gossip).

Citizens should not be coerced or ashamed to express opinion or question. Anyone who wishes to attend any meeting should feel proud doing so.

I will encourage citizens to become more involved in making their city of Montrose the place “It’s Good to be Home” at.

Why are you running for mayor of Montrose?

I am running for the office because I feel I am the most qualified person to hold the position for the next four years.

I run because our soldiers fought and died so that I could have that right.

I run because I am proud of my Montrose and family heritage, and all the positive happenings both started and accomplished when I was last involved as mayor.

I run because I cannot be negative about Montrose. I tire of hearing, “Oh, Montrose.”

Montrose is a community that welcomes every person who searches for a future they and their family can help create and be proud of.

I run because I tire of reading, “A New Montrose.” Folks, we have a “new” Montrose every day of every year. Most of us realize that.

Marriages happen. Babies are born. People graduate. Someone moves into a new home. A new playground is christened. A new business starts up.

Plans are made and put into motion by people, families, businesses, etc.

One can notice the many good things that happen here – you can walk or run or bike on any part of our about 20 miles of trails and sidewalks, visit a spot on one of our 93.4 acres of parkland, speak with your neighbor about his apple tree, say, “Hi,” to the parents and children you meet on the street, organize a block party, watch a softball game, see eagles soar overhead, listen to birds at the feeder you hung up, join one of our many volunteer organizations, help an elderly person, and most important of all, share a happy life with your family. It is your choice. Enjoy. Participate.

I run because employees (in any business; both paid and volunteer) do not need to be “whipped” into shape or be the victims of evident anger, hurtful accusations, unwarranted criticism, micro-managing, spying, lies, gossip, distorted facts, grudges, and slanders, which have no place in any business – including the City of Montrose.

The above is true when happening in person or through social media, where a chosen few imply there is an impending cloud of doom over the city.

If you believe in that “cloud” – try being positive. You just might achieve a life-changing experience.

I run because Edmund Burke once said, “The only way for evil to take over is for good men to do nothing.”

Therefore, I chose to do something and encourage others to do the same.

What do you believe are the top two issues facing the city, and what are your proposed solutions?

Important issues facing the city – budget and tax base.

As growth happens, it produces tax base. The recession has diminished our tax base. Budgets have to fit without causing pain to constituents already dealing with loss of income and recurring debt.

This, then, demands careful study of budget line item requests and how they can best be handled.

Potential loss of local government aid to the city from the state. LGA (or the loss thereof) has to figure into the above. I was pleased to see our present council take that into consideration with the proposed 2013 budget Sept. 10.

Growth (expansion versus grandstand politics): We need to create an atmosphere where developers, businesses, and families are happy to join us in forming our future. This can be done by taking the positive things here and eliminating the negative.

Getting up at a meeting, puffing up your chest, shouting and/or otherwise disturbing the meeting will not encourage someone else in the audience to spend about $3 million to bring a grocery to Montrose.

When a positive atmosphere is finally achieved, we will continue it, so citizens and businesses can all say, “It’s good to be home” (over and over again).

Repair infrastructure when it is needed. This has been studied and proven in the field to be an average of five times cheaper than “deferred maintenance.”

Employee relations. At the council meeting of Sept. 10, city staff presented us with a $168,000 savings. This is an ongoing example that if you hire the right people, their efforts will greatly benefit each of us.

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