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United States Representative - Dist. 6

The Minnesota Newspaper Association distributes a survey asking for responses from candidates for Congressional and Senatorial offices. These are answers from candidates as provided to the Minnesota Newspaper Association. Minnesota’s Sixth District covers all of southern Wright County and western Carver County.

Jim Graves (Democrat)

Top priority: If elected, what is your top priority for the 2013 Legislature? Why are you running for office?

My top priority for the 2013 legislature is to get the American economy back on track and get Americans fully employed in a manner that brings us closer to balancing the federal budget.

I am running because at this moment, Congress is sorely lacking in public servants who have executive experience creating and running businesses, balancing budgets, and creating jobs.

I have created over 100 businesses and thousands of jobs in the region. I have balanced my budgets and made payroll 100 percent of the time. My opponent has wasted millions in taxpayer dollars on lavish pay and irresponsible office expenses, delivering nothing to Minnesota’s Sixth District, while I was there creating jobs and attracting business.

Health care: Federal health care reform has been affirmed by the US Supreme Court. Should the law stand in its current form, or should it be changed? If you support changes, be specific.

I would repeal the Affordable Care Act if satisfied that a reasonable alternative would create the same level of access for Americans.

Regardless of whether the law stands, we have not addressed the cost curve that makes health care more expensive in the United States than anywhere else in the world, yet does not deliver superior outcomes.

I will support legislation instituting an outcome-based reimbursement model that incorporates competition and free market principles to drive down cost.

Additionally, I would never support eliminating the provisions that make sure that young people and Americans with pre-existing conditions can get insurance coverage, as Rep. Bachmann repeatedly has.

Education: What role should the federal government play in ensuring that US graduates can compete in the global economy?

First and foremost, the government should step out of the way and let the free markets work in the vast majority of circumstances, and exist only to do that which we cannot do for ourselves.

The federal government’s role for US graduates should be passing on the record-low interest rates available to the US government to create low, predictable college loan interest rates, while enforcing accountability among the students who take out loans.

Economy: The national economy remains sluggish. What steps do you support to stimulate the growth of jobs?

I will cut meaningless, job-killing red tape. As someone who has started dozens of small businesses, I know that sometimes the best thing the government can do is get out of the way and allow the free market to thrive.

I am committed to never raising taxes on middle class Americans, and cutting tax loopholes for big corporations that are moving jobs overseas and sitting on massive cash reserves.

Unlike my opponent, I have made no commitments to special interests to let them have a free ride and billions in federal revenue through subsidies and tax expenditures.

I will attract business and livable-wage jobs to Minnesota’s Sixth District.

Agriculture: Should changes be made to current agriculture subsidies? Be specific.

I support the shift from direct subsidies to crop insurance, but will make sure that farmers’ business is not unduly interfered with by forcing superfluous insurance.

Michele Bachmann (Republican)

No answers were provided to the questions sent to this candidate by Minnesota Newspaper Association staff.

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