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State Senate Dist. 29

Bruce Anderson (R-Buffalo)

Why are you running for Minnesota State Senate District 29?

I have always tried to serve my country through military service, volunteerism, and now, as an elected official.

I want to continue to safeguard the basic rights:

Life – from conception to natural death, and also our basic liberties and the right to own and use property;

Liberty – I believe we need to provide new life to the private sector economy with broad-based tax relief to promote job growth. We need to reduce Minnesota’s business tax burden of 9.8 percent, along with the family tax burden; and provide reforms to control Minnesota’s state spending;

Prosperity – I will continue to help stop the government from using your tax dollars to grow the size of state government. In the ‘50s and ‘60s, IBM, Control Data, 3-M, and Honeywell were the top providers of jobs in Minnesota. Today, the top job providers are the State of Minnesota, federal government, and the universities in this state. This is upside-down. I will stand firm against special interest groups pressuring state officials into using unethical procedural maneuvers and questionable “abuses of power” that disregard Constitutional safeguards.

What do you believe are the top two issues facing the senate/house district, and what are your proposed solutions?

The number-one issue facing this senate district and Minnesota is jobs and economic opportunity.

My solution is to reduce business state property tax with a plan to phase out and eliminate it, so business owners pay only the local property taxes, similar to homeowners and based on property value.

The state needs to reduce excessive rules and regulations that inhibit creating business and job opportunities.

We also need to lift the nuclear mandate, so more nuclear power facilities can be built to help lower energy costs, provide reliable, steady energy; and provide the state with hundreds of new jobs.

State laws should be reformed to curtail lawsuit abuse.

The second top issue is state government spending. It is a known fact that the state government spends more per month than the revenue it receives. Experts are saying that the projected November forecast will be a revenue shortfall.

I will continue to fight for fiscal restraint in the growth of the state’s budget. I’m confident there are areas where we can consolidate office functions in our state agencies and streamline and reduce fleet management.

What specifically can the state do to cut costs and operate efficiently, while still maintaining service to taxpayers?

As I said above, we need to continue to emphasize fiscal restraint in state spending and reduce the budget. We can do this, in part, by consolidating office functions in state agencies and streamlining and reducing fleet management.

It will also help if we reform state laws to curtail lawsuit abuses. We need to reduce the cost of doing business in Minnesota, thereby providing more incentives for job creation.

Brian Doran (DFL-Monticello)

Brian Doran is a candidate for state senate in District 29. He did not answer our questions, but did send this press release.

Having grown up in Monticello and traveled the world in serving my country, I’m grateful for the heritage and people of Senate District 29.

My educational background is in political science and judicial administration, and I worked in the court system administration for 16 years.

I’m married to Denise, and have a son named Sean.

My public service career, including service to the Bush and Clinton administrations, gives me a unique understanding of how to get things done. Given the opportunity, I look forward to representing District 29 as a strong advocate on issues that matter here at home.

Throughout my public service, my approach to the issues has been guided by principles of fiscal conservatism, and the belief that government functions best when it is limited, rather than interfering in the private decisions of its citizens.

A strong economy, local government responsibility, and a realistic, sustainable approach to education are the key issues facing our area that I will directly confront and champion.

Specific to our local economy – it’s imperative that we can move materials and products into and out of this area efficiently. I believe access equals commerce, and I’ll champion the Highway 55 Corridor Coalition’s goal to make Highway 55 four lanes to Annandale.

On local government — I’ve always been a firm believer that local people know local needs best. My 16 years in court administration in Minnesota, and overseas for our country, has shown me firsthand that government works best when responsibility for local issues is in local city and county government hands, reducing state redundancy in favor of the state serving as a conduit to funding.

Regarding realistic, long-term education funding – while we all know that our children’s education is our future, the responsibility for developing long-term, sustainable kindergarten through 12th grade funding remains a political football.

I believe that school accountability and support can be in balance, and I’ll work to give school boards and administration the resources and responsibility they need for their districts to plan and succeed.

With your support Tuesday, Nov. 6, I’ll represent District 29 with a fiscally-disciplined, sensible approach to solving the local issues we need addressed and resolved.

I offer the people of District 29 my full commitment to tirelessly represent you at the state level, so our area can continue to thrive – for families who call it home now, and those yet to come.

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