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Hollywood Township Supervisor Seat A

Kent Kassulker

Why are you running for Hollywood Supervisor A?

I enjoy working with the people of Hollywood Township, and would like to continue to do so.

What do you believe are the top two issues facing the township, and what are your proposed solutions?

1. Our roads, and the gravel we buy to put on the roads. The board always tries to get good-quality gravel, at a reasonable price.

2. Rising cost of fire protection. Fire departments are not a problem, but the cost of everything they need is a concern.

Over the years, we have established fire boards, with the township, city, and fire department all represented, to try to keep costs down. Three of the four departments that we work with now have fire boards.

What specifically can this unit of government do to cut costs and operate efficiently, while still maintaining service to taxpayers?

I think the Hollywood Township Board has done a good job of keeping our costs down, and I don’t think our service to the taxpayers has suffered. I would continue on the same path.

Al Leuthner

Why are you running for Hollywood Township Supervisor A?

I am running to stop corruption, like the Hollywood Township supervisors giving the township well for their friend to use free for seven years, when another resident would have paid $100 per month if he knew it was for lease.

Like the Hollywood Township supervisors helping Commisioner Lynch get a friend a $100 building eligibility that was not there. If I’m elected supervisor, I’m going to get me one of those under-the-table building eligibilities.

Like the court order judgement Hollywood Township has for over $11,000 against a local resident that the taxpayer will pay because the supervisors will not put him on a monthly payment plan. The local resident claimed to be the mayor of the city of Hollywood. The township paid over $8,000 in legal fees. Hollywood taxpayer paid again.

I am running for supervisor mainly because of the February township meeting at Hollywood. The chair supervisor told me majority vote by the people does not mean motion carried, unless it’s to his benefit. He will postpone the motion carried until the next meeting, then he will have more people for his majority – then motion carried. That’s corruption.

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