City of Howard Lake Park Commission Ordinance



Section 1 - Establishment - The City of Howard Lake hereby establishes a board known as the Park Commission authorized by Minnesota Statute Section 412.501 through 412.531

Section 2 - Composition

A. Membership - The Commission shall consist of 5 voting members and two non-voting member appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council. All voting members shall be residents of the City of Howard Lake and the non-voting members shall be High School students enrolled in School District 2687.

B. Terms, Vacancy, Oath - Each member shall serve a staggered three-year term except the student members, they shall serve a staggered two-year term starting their Junior year of High School. Of the first appointed voting members, one member will serve a term of one-year, two members serve a two-year term, and two members serve a three-year term. Of the first appointed non-voting members, the appointed Senior shall serve a 1 year term and the appointed Junior shall serve a two year term. All successors shall serve the normal term length as described by this ordinance. Upon a vacancy, the Mayor, with consent from the council, shall appoint another member who will serve the remainder of the term. Upon expiration of a term, a board member shall continue to serve until a successor is appointed. Each appointed member must take an oath that he/she will faithfully discharge the duties of their office.

C. Compensation - The Park Commission members shall not be compensated.

Section 3 - Organization

A. Officers - The Commission has the ability to elect officers among the appointed members as they may determine.

B. Meetings, Quorum, and Voting - The Commission must hold at least one meeting a month. There shall be at least three voting members present to conduct regular business. Voting is done by a simple majority.

C. Records and Reports - The Park Commission is required to keep public records of all transactions, recommendations, and resolutions.

D. Bylaws - The Commission has the ability to create or amend their bylaws with the approval of the City Council.

Section 4 - Duties of the Park Commission

A. General - The Park Commission shall serve as an advisory board to the City Council and Planning Commission regarding any matter related to the parks, recreation facilities and programs, trails, beautification, water management, and any other related matter in the City of Howard Lake.

A. Duties - The Park Commission duties are as follows:

a. Serve as a forum for the public to voice their opinions and concerns in regards to the public parks, trails, recreation facilities and programs, beautification, water management and any other related matter.

b. Evaluate and assess the condition of the City's parks and waters, and recommend any improvements to the City Council, including the purchase of equipment, materials, supplies, and services for the development and maintenance.

c. Recommend to the City Council the construction of roadways, paths, buildings, fountains, docks, restrooms, refreshment booths, pavilions, and other necessary structures and improvements to park facilities and trails.

d. Recommend to the City Council any rules and regulations for the city that may increase public safety, discourage vandalism, enhance use, and maintain cost-effective operations.

e. Assist in maintaining a high level of water quality for the City's lakes.

f. Recommend and facilitate beautification projects for the City to the City Council.

g. Work in conjunction with the area's organizations and surrounding governing agencies in regards to the public parks, trails, recreation facilities and programs, water management, beautification, or any other related matter within the City of Howard Lake.

h. Perform other duties that from time to time may be prescribed by the City Council.

Adopted by the City Council this 2nd day of Oct., 2001.

Gerry Smith, Mayor

ATTEST: Gene Gilbert, City Clerk

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