City of New Germany Ordinance 104 - subdivisions

Summary for Publication
The City Council of the City of New Germany ordains as follows:
The City Council of New Germany adopted Ordinance No. 104 - New Germany Subdivision on October 16, 2012 and approved this summary for publication. Ordinance No. 104 contains several chapters, which are summarized as follows:
CHAPTER I The name of this ordinance is Ordinance No. 104 City of New GermanySubdivision Ordinance, except as referred to herein as “this Ordinance.”
CHAPTER II Establishes the purpose, authority and compliance requirements of Ordinance No. 104.
CHAPTER III Identifies the general provisions of the Ordinance, including but not limited to the scope, jurisdiction, the repeal of the previous subdivision ordinance (Ordinance No. 71), compatibility with the Comprehensive Plan, the administration of this Ordinance, and definitions.
CHAPTER IV Establishes the regulations for permits, variances, and premature subdivisions as related to this Ordinance.
CHAPTER V Includes the purpose and general requirements for subdividing property in New Germany and the procedures for minor subdivisions, preliminary plats and final plats.
CHAPTER VI Identifies the submittal requirements for preliminary and final plats.
CHAPTER VII Establishes the design standards for lots and blocks, street design and access, and other improvements such as sidewalks, sewer and water, drainage and erosion control, and other improvements.
CHAPTER VIII Contains the park dedication requirements applicable to subdivided property in the City of New Germany.
CHAPTER IX Contains the requirements for the construction of basic improvements, including development agreements, financial guarantees, improvement plans and specifications, the type and completion of required basic improvements and conditions of non-conformance with approved plans.
CHAPTER X Identifies the enforcement, violations and penalties for non-compliance with this Ordinance.
CHAPTER XI Includes the Effective Date of this Ordinance.
The complete ordinance is available for review at the New Germany City Hall, located at 300 Broadway Street East, New Germany, Minnesota. Copies are available by standard or electronic mail.
/s/ Jason Kamerud, Mayor
/s/ Joan Guthmiller, City Clerk
Published in the Herald Journal Oct. 22, 2012.

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