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City of New Germany Ordinance 75 - Fire Department

Ordinance #75

An Ordinance Amending #13 in its entirety Authorizing the formation of a Fire Department and Relating to the Management thereof in and for the City of New Germany.

The City Council of the City of New Germany, Minnesota, does hereby enact, ordain and establish:

Section 1. Purpose. The City Council of the City of New Germany is concerned with safeguarding of life and property to a reasonable degree from hazards of fire, explosion, hazardous materials, Terrorism, medical and rescue. Pursuant to the power and jurisdictions vested through Minnesota Statues and other applicable laws, ordinances and regulations, the City Council does hereby adopt this ordinance and the Minnesota Uniform Fire Code for the purpose of establishing reasonable regulations, administration and enforcement for the prevention, control, and extinguishment of fires, assist in medical and rescue calls as deemed necessary.

Section 2. That is shall be lawful for the citizens of the City of New Germany to organize and form a Fire Department in and for said City of New Germany, which Fire Department shall consist of one company with membership of not exceeding 32 persons in number to be formed by voluntary enlistment.

Section 3. Such Department shall have power to adopt, amend and repeal any of the provisions of the New Germany Fire Department Constitution, Standard Operating Procedures and the New Germany Fire Relief Association By-Laws (which shall be an attachment to this ordinance) of such Fire Department. Provided that such constitution, by-law and amendments thereto, before the same be force or effect, shall be submitted to and approved by the City Council by Resolution of the Said City of New Germany.

Section 4. Such Department shall have the power to nominate and elect all officers by majority vote of such Department as deemed necessary by such Department Members.

Section 5. That all ordinances or parts of ordinances heretofore past in relation hereto or inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed.

Section 6. That this ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication.

Submitted, read, approved, adopted and passed by the City Council and signed by the Mayor and City Clerk thereof, this 6th day of November, 2002.

/s/Paul Engelhart

Mayor Paul Engelhart

/s/Shelly Quaas

City Clerk ­ Shelly Quaas

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