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City of New Germany Ordinance 78 - Planning Commission

Ordinance No. 78

An ordinance amending ordinance no. 53 (section 2, Subdivisions 1 and 2) which sets the terms of the planning commission.

The City Council of the City of New Germany ordains:

The following section shall be amended to read as follows:

Section 2. Composition

Subdivision 1. Such planning commission shall consist of five (5) members, one (1) which shall be a city council members or Mayor, and four (4) members appointed by the City Council, the city clerk may also serve on the planning commission to take minutes of the meetings.

Subdivision 2. The terms of members who are city Council members or City officials shall run concurrent with their respective terms of office. Of the members appointed by the Council, each shall be appointed for three (3) year terms. A council member shall fill vacancies during the term for the remaining portion of the term. Every appointed member shall before entering upon the discharge of his duties take an oath that they will faithfully discharge the duties of the planning commission. All members shall be compensated per the city fee schedule, which is adopted each year by resolution by the city council.

Ordinance No. 78 an amendment to Ordinance No. 53 shall take effect upon publication in the official newspaper.

Adopted Jan. 7, 2003.

ATTEST: Shelly Quaas, City Clerk

Franklin Schoenke, Mayor

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