City of New Germany Ordinance 88 - Zoning






The City Council of the City of New Germany ordains as follows:

SECTION I. Subpart 5, of Subsection A. – “Purpose and Process,” of Subd. 3 – Planned Unit Development” of Chapter 4 Zoning Districts of Ordinance No. 38A is amended in its entirety as follows:

5. Internal side yard setbacks.

a. For principal residential structures in the R-1 zoning district, the internal side yard setback shall be as follows:

1). On the garage side of the principal structure, no less than 5’ along the garage wall adjacent to the internal lot line provided that:

a.) There is a minimum 15’ separation to the closest wall of the principal building on the adjacent lot.

b.) The garage height is no more than 20’ – if the garage height exceeds 20’, the internal side yard setback shall be 10’.

2). The portion of the residential structure that contains habitable area along the garage side shall maintain a minimum 10’ side yard.

3). On the side of the principal structure opposite the garage, the internal side yard setback shall be no less than 10’.

b. In all other zoning districts, the minimum principal structure separation shall be 20 feet or the height of the structure, whichever is greater; except side yards on the perimeter of the development shall meet the internal setbacks of the underlying district standards.

c. The internal side yard setbacks for accessory structures shall meet the requirements of the underlying district standards.

SECTION II. Ordinance No. 88 was adopted October 19, 2005 and shall become effective upon publication in the official newspaper.

Franklin Schoenke, Mayor


Shelly Quaas, Clerk

Published in the Herald Journal Oct. 31, 2005.

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