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Winsted City Council Minutes


FEB. 20, 2001


6 P.M.

Present: Don Guggemos, Bonnie Quast, Tom Wiemiller

Staff: Mat Podhradsky, Betty Zachmann, Airport Commission Members, Russ Paschke, Carol Kappel, Arden Johnson, Property Owner Bill Wemhoff

Absent: Gary Lenz, Tom Ollig

Workshop was called and research with updating of the Airport plan was discussed at length. Clear zone within the airport has presented an issue due to the fact the Commission is working on proposing to have a bituminous strip put in. Current regulations for blacktopping, now require a larger clear zone area, which would restrict land use on the existing west and east ends. A portion of that clear zone lies within the Industrial Park. The City is in the process of updating its Airport Plan, and preparing specifications for bituminous overlay of the runway. Several questions regarding information brought back from the Commission will be pursued. After discussion, Quast motioned to adjourn the workshop. Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.


7:00 PM

Mayor called the meeting to order.

Quast motioned to approve the minutes as written, Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Related to the workshop, Wiemiller motioned to instruct SEH Engineers to continue with the updated Airport Plan, as previously agreed. Quast seconded, unanimously carried.

Wiemiller motioned to hold the Board of Review at 6:00 P.M., May I 2001, followed by the regular meeting. Quast seconded, unanimously carried.

Quast motioned to pay the following bills:

General 2480-2554 $35,430.78

General 10342-10366 $11,853.31

Payroll 3727-3738 $10,283.85

Fire Dept.. 3478-3481 $509.57

Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Reminded of the Public Hearing be held on Tuesday, Feb 27th for the purpose of acting on authorization of Industrial Revenue Bonds.

Quast motioned to adjourn, Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Betty Zachmann, City Clerk-Treasurer

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