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Winsted City Council Minutes


MARCH 22, 7 P.M.


Present: Don Guggemos, Tom Wiemiller, Bonnie Ouast, Tom Ollig, Gary Lenz.

Staff: Administrator: Matthew Podhradsky; Attorney: Fran Eggert

Mayor called the meeting to order.

Tom Ollig motioned to accept the minutes of the March 6, 2001 meeting, as written, Ouast seconded, unanimously carried.

Guggemos asked the Fire Department to be first on the agenda to discuss their bids for the 2000 Gallon Tanker Truck. Chief Paul Herbolsheimer explained that after reviewing the three bids they received for the Tanker Truck at the bid opening on March 13, they determined that the most responsible bid was from Midwest Fire and Repair at $ 102,502. Podhradsky then explained the financing options that he investigated at Community Bank. Podhradsky explained that if the Fire Department used the $36,000 in their expansion fund, plus if the City would pre-pay the $38,000 for the expansion fund for 2001, then financing would be much cheaper, and the loan could be held down to three years. Guggemos stated that he would like to see the Fire Department utilize their entire Expansion Fund in 2002 for truck payments, and eliminate the need for over a one year loan. The Council ordered Podhradsky to explore different financing options, and to choose the option that makes the most sense. Tom Ollig motioned to use the $36,000 from the 2000 expansion fund, have the City prepay the $38,000 for the 2001 expansion fund, and to utilize the 2002 expansion fund exclusively for the truck payments, and to accept the bid proposal for $102,502 from Midwest Fire and Repair. Quast seconded the motion, unanimously passed.

Guggemos introduced Bill Gilk to discuss final plat approval for the Winsted on the Lake Second Addition. Mr. Gilk asked the mayor if the DNR had made their review of the next addition yet. Podhradsky indicated that they had not had enough time to review it yet. With no DNR approval, Mr. Gilk requested that the final plat approval be tabled until the April 3 Council meeting.

Fran Eggert then explained the action the Planning Commission took on March 19, to temporarily revoke the Conditional Use Permit for Mr. Gilk on Winsted on the Lake. Mr. Eggert advised the Council that in his opinion, it was not within the Planning Commission's power to revoke the CUP, that it had to come from Council after an investigation and a public hearing. Mr. Eggert advised the Council to overturn the Planning Commission decision. Ouast asked if this would only affect the first phase of the development, Eggert assured her it would. Tom Ollig made the motion to rescind the decision of the Planning Commission to temporarily pull the Conditional Use Permit for Bill Gilk. Tom Wiemiller seconded the motion, unanimously passed. Tom Ollig wanted to make sure there would be a quorum at the meeting on April 3. There will be. Guggemos also told the Council that a list of complaints was received on the Winsted on the Lake addition, and that an investigation of the allegations would take place.

Podhradsky explained to the Council the Amendment to the County Road I North Joint Powers Agreement for reconstruction of this road. The amendment states that if the City does all of the clean-up work, and takes the citizen complaints, after the contractor has left, the County will then pick up all design and construction engineering costs. Guggemos explained it would be around a $30,000 savings to the City. Tom Ollig made the motion to approve this amendment, Quast seconded the motion, unanimously passed.

Guggemos introduced Todd and Kelly Collona. Both are interested in purchasing the Old City Hall Building to renovate to its historic nature for ground-level commercial space, and apartment space above. Todd gave his presentation, showing the Council and audience pictures of projects he has done in the past, and explaining what he would like to do with this building. A similar project he did was renovating the Village Hall in Kasota, Minnesota. Podhradsky explained that he had talked to the mayor of Kasota, and he said it had been a good move for the City of Kasota. Podhradsky also passed out a copy of developer's agreement used by Kasota to protect the City. Podhradsky suggested a work session before the next Council Meeting on April 3 to bring together the Preservation Society and the Collona's to discuss ideas with the Council. Guggemos then said to schedule the work session for 6 PM on Wednesday, April 3.

Podhradsky explained that Jeff Albers curb at his apartments on Fifth Street South was broken, and he had requested it fixed, at his expense by the City. Podhradsky asked whether the City should do this repair, or contract out at Alber's expense. Guggemos directed Podhradsky to do small jobs, like Mr. Alber's, through the City, and to leave large jobs for contractors.

Podhradsky asked the Council if they would like to retain the law firm of Kennedy and Graven to represent the City in legislation for cable franchising. The Council declined to use Kennedy and Graven for this purpose.

Guggemos introduced Kendall and Aaron Kubasch to ask for approval from the Council for their preliminary plat for the Golden Gates Estate Townhomes. This is a PUD on the old Sexton property. Kendall started by introducing his daughter, and explaining that she was there to do a school project. Kendall then went onto explain that the Planning Commission on March 19 had rezoned their land to a PUD, had approved their preliminary plat, and had approved their setback variances. They indicated they now met City Ordinances. Quast asked about the density of the PUD, and wanted to know if it covered more than 50%. Fran explained that this 50% was for no more that 50% being covered by a structure. There was question about what the definition of a structure was. Kendall felt the definition did not include anything but the townhomes, and therefore their development had less than 50% coverage by a structure. There was also discussion about who would control the sewer in the PUD. It was brought up that the City should provide to the PUD borders, and then would be the association's responsibility. Lenz made the motion to approve the preliminary plat, Ollig seconded the motion, passed unanimously.

The Council looked at the Cash Balance Report and the Building Permit Report. There was one correction made in the Building Permit Report. Dan Dickhausen had a $10,000 improvement instead of $30,000.

Ollig made the motion to accept the bills, Wiemiller seconded the motion, unanimously passed.

Quast brought up her concern about the City utilizing Tom Yllemni to inspect homes on the Winsted on the Lake addition, when he is the builder of these homes. Quast wanted everybody to know that the City of Winsted does everything in a legal and ethical manner. The council ordered Podhradsky to investigate sharing a building inspector with another community around the area.

Quast reported that the road at RAM Building was in very rough shape. The Council ordered Podhradsky to have Pat Radtke check this out and do necessary repairs.

Guggemos asked if water heaters could be brought to the appliance pickup. Podhradsky stated that they could, just not electronic equipment.

Guggemos reported that our no-read fees for water bills was still at $15, while the no payment fee was at $5. Ollig motion to change this fee to $5, Lenz seconded the motion, unanimously passed.

Ollig asked to have the Winstock Permit signed by the Council tonight. Gary made the motion to have the permit signed, Wiemiller seconded the motion, unanimously passed.

Lenz brought up that the Planning Commission wanted to make clarifications for the Council about the desire for surveys and elevations on building permits. The Planning Commission only wants to see these on building permits for new, primary structure construction. After discussion, Council decided it was best to tell the Planning Commission that they would like to see surveys and elevations on any project that would require the extension of sewer and water to the location, when variances were needed, and when it is on a new lot. Council ordered Podhradsky and Lenz to pass this on to the Planning Commission.

Podhradsky explained that he is applying for a grant for new aeration equipment, and that the Lake Association had shown an interest in covering the match for this grant. Podhradsky felt that a motion from the Council in support of this action would be helpful. Quast made the motion that the City supports the addition of new aeration equipment in Winsted Lake, and supports applying for this matching grant. Lenz seconded the motion, unanimously passed. Council gave permission to Guggemos to sign when resolution drafted.

Quast brought up need to investigate new chairs in Council Chambers.

Wiemiller motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:55, Quast seconded, unanimously passed.

Matt Podhradsky, City Administrator

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