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Winsted City Council Minutes

Budget Workshop

Aug. 20, 2002

City Hall

6:00 PM

Present: Don Guggemos, Gary Lenz, Tom Wiemiller, Bonnie Quast

Staff: Administrator, Clerk, Police Chief, Patrolmen

Absent: Tom Ollig

Council reviewed the information and proposed budgets for 2003. Questions and discussion took place, mainly regarding a 4th Police Officer. The staff was instructed to work on reducing the expenses and bring back to council for review at the Sept. 3rd meeting.

Regular Meeting

Aug. 20, 2002

City Hall

7:00 PM

Planning Commission members present

Mayor called the meeting to order.

Wiemiller motioned to accept the minutes as written, Lenz seconded, unanimously carried.

Mayor called for the Public Hearing, since Landmark, Inc. was not present at the time, therefore, the hearing was tabled. Several persons were present for the hearing.

Betty Diers' drainage issues were discussed. City engineers had done research work on the tile line that had been abandoned under her house, elevations of the lake, storm sewer elevations etc. The Diers' home is located on the corner of Rosalie Ave. E. and Kingsley St. So, close to Winsted Lake, which has an exceptionally high water level at this time and in a low area with abnormal amounts of rain, creating drainage issues. City engineer will be obtaining additional information for the City.

7:30 PM Landmark Inc., representative Mike Crosby, and Richard Koppy, his Engineer were in attendance which the Mayor then called for the Public Hearing for the Preliminary Plat of Grass Lake Farms for Residential Housing. The Developer is asking for approval of the Preliminary Plat, and early grading permit. Planning Commission members were also present along with neighbors, of the surrounding area. Discussion included lot sizes, easements, park pathway, temporary exits to Main Ave. W., traffic issues, street lights, width of streets, trail, etc. All comments were received, and the Public Hearing was closed.

After completion of the Public Hearing discussion, Keith Ide, Plan. Comm. member, motioned to approve the Preliminary Plat, Phase I & II, defining the pathway to the Park, and position the temporary street to meet with Westgate Drive, requiring a 40 ft width of street C & D on the Plat, and meet all of the administrative items as required by the City, Eldron Hecksel seconded, unanimously carried.

Councilman Lenz then accepted the Plat as recommended by the Planning Commission, with the conditions stated by the Commission, Quast seconded, unanimously carried.

Wiemiller then motioned to allow early grading permit, Lenz seconded, unanimously carried.

Waste Management representative, Steve Metz, was present with a renewal contract for Solid Waste services. After review by Council, Wiemiller motioned to enter into a five year contract, empowering the Mayor and Clerk to sign, after an agreed upon change, Lenz seconded, unanimously carried.

The Winsted Wastewater Services contract with PeopleService, Paul Christianson rep., requested consideration be given to a new contract for continued operation and maintenance of the Waste Water Facility. Quast then motioned to enter into a five year contract with PeopleService, approving an increase of $522.00 per month for 2002-2003, striking Article 7.6 of the presented contract, Lenz seconded, unanimously carried.

Lenz motioned to purchase a Ford, F-250 from Hutchinson Auto Center, with a low quote of $23,579.00 for Maintenance Dept., Quast seconded, unanimously carried.

Administrator Mareck presented for approval, an adjusted salary step schedule to bring current with the CPI index. The scale had not been adjusted since inception in 1998. After review, and placing existing employees into new scale, Lenz motioned to adopt the new salary scale, implementing steps annually, Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Lenz motioned to adopt Resolution No. 394-08-20-02, Calling for a Public Hearing and Proposing Assessments for Curb & Gutter Improvements on 6th St. No., Quast seconded, unanimously carried.

After recommendation from the Plan. Commission, Quast motioned to approve the Conditional Use Permit for 616 Hunter Circle allowing a beauty shop in the home, Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Chmn. of the Summer Festival, Brad Millerbernd was present requesting the City provide an indoor place to store the Queen's Float. Council will get back to request.

Millerbernd who also represents the Businesses in the area, along with Chamber Pres., Doug Bebo, requested the City give immediate consideration of the wireless Internet offered by Chaska.Net, since there currently or in the near future, is no high speed access for Businesses in the Winsted area. It appears this would be the only affordable avenue, with no trenching, or fiber optic cable. Additional information will be gathered.

Quast brought up issues regarding sump pump water standing in gutters. A resident in Pheasant Run was present to discuss storm water concerns, and potential retention pond problems in Pheasant Run. Additional information will be gotten.

Wiemiller motioned to approve the following bills:

Gen. Chks. 4271-4341 $171,636.69

Chks 10579-10583 $ 5,336.01

Payroll Chks. 4399-4369 $10,471.80

Fire Dept. Chks. 3074-3711 $1,687.49

Quast seconded, unanimously carried.

Quast motioned to adjourn, Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Betty Zachmann, City Clerk-Treas.

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