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Winsted City Council Minutes


June 3, 2003

City Hall

7:00 PM

Present: Don Guggemos, Tom Ollig, Gerald Boldt, Tom Wiemiller

Absent: Bonnie Quast

Staff: Attorney Eggert, Brent Mareck, Betty Zachmann, Mike Henrich

Mayor called the meeting to order and then called for the Public Hearing for Tax Increment Financing District 6. Shannon Sweeney, David Drown Associates was present to answer questions and reviewed the proposed Resolution creating a downtown redevelopment district. The hearing was held open and council continued with the regular meeting.

Dier's drainage ditch in back was cemented shut, and should be resolved.

T Mobile lease was tabled for Attorney Eggert to review.

The City received estimate cuts of $105,461, recently made by the State Local Government Aid this year and 2004. Staff had been working on the proposed cuts, and presented areas that could be decreased.

Chief Henrich was present to give a quarterly report to council of the activities and discuss issues such as the turn lanes on 6th St.(Cty Rd 1), parking issues, proposed fee schedule for requested assistance, and speed limits. Boldt motioned to accept the report, and impose the fee schedule as proposed, effective immediately, Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

7:50 PM, Mayor requested any further comments of the Public Hearing, there were some questions related to removal of a building, and referred to Sweeney. Ollig motioned to adopt Resolution No. 411-06-03-03, Approving the Creation of Municipal Development District No. 2, Creation of the Development Program Relating Thereto; the Establishment of Tax Increment Financing District No. 6, and Adoption of the Tax Increment Finance Plan Relating Thereto, Boldt seconded, unanimously carried.

No other comments, Ollig motioned to adjourn the Public Hearing, Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Council reviewed the Developer's Agreement with Sweeney, between the City and the Herald Journal Properties, Inc. The Herald Journal is purchasing property from the city on Main Ave. and 6th St. After review and discussion, Wiemiller motioned to empower the Mayor, Clerk or Administrator, to sign the Agreement upon review from the City Attorney, Boldt seconded, unanimously carried.

Doug Bebo was present with information related to the Summer festival, and request for necessary permits which will be acted upon at next meeting.

Boldt motioned to pay the following bills:

General Chks. 5022-5047 $26,045.85

Chks. 10702-10708 $12,111.27

Payroll Chks. 5184-5192 $9,384.97

Fire Dept Chks. 3855-3862 $572.63

Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Wiemiller motioned to adjourn, Ollig seconded, unanimously carried.

Betty Zachmann, City Clerk-Treas.

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